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These general conditions regulate the access and authorized use of this website, which Grupo GENTEEL HOME makes available to its users on the Internet, without prejudice to the specific terms and conditions that govern the company-client relationship regarding the management and stay in the apartments.

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Both access to the website and the unauthorized use of the information contained therein are the sole responsibility of the person who does so. Grupo GENTEEL HOME will not be responsible for any consequences, damages, or harm that may result from such access or use.

Grupo GENTEEL HOME is not responsible for security errors that may occur or for any damage that may be caused to the user’s computer system (hardware and software) or to the files or documents stored on it due to:

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Grupo GENTEEL HOME assumes no responsibility for the content linked from the website, as long as it is external to it, and does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in it that may cause alterations in the user’s computer system (hardware and software) or in the user’s documents or files, excluding any liability for damages of any kind caused for this reason.

Furthermore, the following circumstances in which Grupo GENTEEL HOME APARTMENTS is not responsible are listed:

  • The user uses the website to introduce viruses, data, codes, hardware or telecommunications equipment, or any other electronic or physical device or instrument, causing damage to the systems of other users.
  • A website link redirects to an external website with illegal or inappropriate content.
  • Unpublished information by us or published by a person outside the organization appears on the website.
  • The website is not available or operational for reasons beyond our control.
  • Technical failures, availability interruptions, computer viruses, breakdowns, continuity problems, and telephone disconnections caused by third parties.
  • That the user displays on the website defamatory, libelous, discriminatory material that incites violence or that goes against morality, privacy, image and public order.

If a user, client, or third party considers that the content or services provided on this website, or the pages linked to it, are illegal or infringe upon the rights of the user, a client, or a third party susceptible to compensation, they should contact Grupo GENTEEL HOME through one of the addresses provided above, provided that they consist of:

  • Activities or content that may be considered illegal under Spanish criminal law.
  • Activities or content that violate intellectual or industrial property rights.
  • Activities or content that endanger public order, criminal investigation, public safety, or national defense.
  • Activities or content that endanger public health, respect for human dignity, the principle of non-discrimination, and the protection of health and childhood.


The General Conditions set out in this document are governed by Spanish law. Grupo GENTEEL HOME, users of this application, and anyone who uses or contracts any service provided therein, expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, without prejudice to the jurisdiction that may result from the law, and submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Seville, Spain, for the resolution of any issue that may arise regarding the interpretation, application, and compliance with these conditions, as well as any claims that may arise from their use.