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In compliance with Law 34/2002 on Information Society and Electronic Commerce of Spain, we inform you that this website is owned by GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L., commercially known as Genteel- Home, please contact us by e-mail:, or phone +34 955 604 953.

The website, hereinafter the PORTAL, is governed by the rules applicable exclusively in Spain, being subject to it both national and foreign who use this website.

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality, professional secrecy and security are core values of GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L.. which is committed to ensure the privacy of the user or visitor at all times and in all interactions with that. GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L., also assumes the commitment not to collect unnecessary information about the user.

The Purpose of Processing of Data

GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L. strives to process the provided data in order to manage the corresponding contractual relationship, manage the submission of the requested information, provide offers for our services and/or products that may be of interest and/or manage their application.

Period of Time Personal Data Shall be Stored

Data shall be preserved over the minimum period of time to supply the service appropriately, as well as to answer any possible liabilities and other legal requirements.

Legitimacy in Data Processing

The legal basis behind data processing may be in execution of a potential and/or signed contractual relationship, legitimate interest, legal power and/or the authorization given by the data subject. The data requested is appropriate, pertinent and strictly necessary, and, in no circumstance, is the data subject obliged to provide such data, but, lack of such communication may affect the objective of the service or imply the inability of its execution. Recipients of Data GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L. shall refrain from disclosing data to a third party, unless expressly notified.

Applicable Rights When Providing Data

The data protection rights applicable to the interested parties are as follows:

  • The right to request to access personal data.
  • The right of rectification or erasure.
  • The right to object.
  • The right to restriction of processing.
  • The right of data portability.

Holders of the personal data provided may exercise the rights on personal data protection by sending a written notification to GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L. registered address or to the e-mail to such effects, attaching, in either case, a photocopy of your DNI (Spanish identification document) or other similar identification documents. Models, application forms and other information regarding rights is available in the website of the Control Authority, the Spanish Data Protection Agency, hereinafter, AEPD for its abbreviation in Spanish.

Withdrawal of Consent

You will have the possibility and right to withdraw authorization for any specific purpose granted at any given time without prejudice of the legality of processing according to the consent given before withdrawal. Where Claims are Presented When There is Reason to Believe Data is not Being Correctly Processed If a party considers that GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L. is not correctly processing, any claims can be sent to or to the corresponding data protection authority, this being AEPD in Spain,

Security and Update of Personal Data

In aims to preserve the security of your personal data, GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L. has implemented all the technical and organization related measures to guarantee safety for the provided data. This is done to prevent its alteration, loss, and/or unauthorized processing or access, as required by regulation, in the case of lack of total security. In order to keep the data updated, it is essential for you to notify of any modifications.


All staff members of GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L. participating in any of the processing stages shall process and handle your data under strict care and confidentiality. Your data shall not be disclosed or communicated to a third party, unless required by legal provisions or the data subject has authorized otherwise.


GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L. always ensures that the service and information provided to customers is accurate and functioning properly, however, situations may arise, especially caused by third parties in bad faith, of which can be derived responsibilities.

In this sense, are listed below those situations where we are not responsible, otherwise are the users themselves who take responsibility:

  • If the user uses the website to introduce viruses, data, code, hardware or telecommunications equipment or any other electronic or physical device or instrument and damage to other systems users cause.
  • If a Web site link takes us to an external website whose content is illegal or inappropriate. Please if it detects this situation inform us as soon as possible in order to remove it immediately.
  • If the website appears unpublished information published by us or by someone from outside the organization.
  • If the website is not available or operational for reasons beyond our control.
  • In case of technical failures of availability, interruptions, computer viruses, faults, continuity, telephone disconnections motivated by third parties.
  • If the user displayes on the website defamatory, libelous, discriminatory material that incites violence or goes against morality, privacy, image and public order.


Definition of Cookies

The website for COMPANY NAME (hereinafter, the Website) uses cookies. Cookies are files sent to a browser by means of web server to record users’ activity in a specific site. The first objective of cookies is to provide faster access to the desired services to users. Moreover, cookies customize the services provided by the Website, providing and offering information of the user’s interest or that may be of interest, according to the use made of the services. The Website uses cookies to customize and make the user’s browsing as easy as possible. Cookies are solely associated to an anonymous user and their corresponding computer, and they do not provide references that may give way to guessing the user’s personal data. A user may set their browser to send notifications and to prevent the installation of cookies sent by the Website, without affecting the user’s access to the site’s content. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that the operation quality of the Website might decrease. Users that are already registered, in process of registry or opening a session shall be able to benefit from customized services, focused on their profile, thanks to the combination of stored data of the cookies and cookies with the personal data collected upon registration. Such users expressly authorize the use of said information for the aforementioned purpose, notwithstanding their right to decline or deactivate the use of cookies. Moreover, the Website shall be able to know the services requested by the user, in aims to provide or offer the adequate information in line with the user’s likings or preferences.

Types of Cookies

Cookies can be divided, according to their Permanence, as follows:  “Session Cookies”: These expire as soon as the user closes the browser.  “Persistent Cookies”: These expire according the achieved purpose (for example, to keep the user identified while using Services) or when they are manually eliminated.Additionally, Cookies can be classified, according to their Objective, as follows: This website applies owned and third party cookies to assess your browsing and in order to provide customized services and publicity according to your interests. Continuing browsing will be considered as your acceptance of our Cookies Policy Performance Cookies: These cookies remember preferences for the tools available in the services, thus not having to re-set the services the user accesses. This includes, for example:  Volume adjustments in video or audio players.  Video transmission speeds compatible with the browser. Geolocation Cookies: These cookies are used to identify the country the user is in when requesting a service. Such Cookies are completely anonymous and are only used as a guide the location of content.  Registration Cookies: These cookies are created after the user has registered or subsequently opened a session, and are used to identify the user in the services, in aims to:  Keep the user identified, as to, when the service is closed, the browser or computer may maintain their identity if they wish to Access the service at another time or day, avoiding having to provide identification again. This feature can be eliminated by clicking on “end session”, therefore eliminating the cookies, making the user have to identify themselves to access the same service.  Verify if the user is authorized to access certain services, such as participation in a contest. Analysis Cookies: When a user visits a service, a tool provided by an external supplier creates an analysis cookie in the user’s computer. This cookie is only created in the user’s visit and shall be applied in following visits to the Website’s services to anonymously identify the visiting user. The main objectives are as follows: Allow anonymous identification of visiting users by means of the Cookie (identifies browsers and devices, not individuals), thus providing an approximate number of visits and their average trends of duration.  Identify, anonymously, the most visited content and, thus, more attractive to users.  Learn if the accessing user is visiting for the first time or has visited before.  Note: unless the user registers for a website service, a Cookie is never linked to identifying personal data. these Cookies are solely used for statistical purposes to be of assistance in the enhancement of the user’s experience on the site. Behavioral Advertising Cookies: These types of cookies allow extended information of the advertisements shown to each anonymous user in the Website’s services. Among other examples, it stores viewing duration and frequency of advertisements, their interaction with said advertisements, or browsing and/or behavioral patterns of the user that can help to create aprofile of advertising interest. This allows the advertisements displayed to be in line with the user’s interests.  Third Party Advertising Cookies: In addition to the publicity managed by the Website in its services, the Website offers advertisers the possibility to insert publicity through third parties (“AdServers”). This allows third parties to store cookies sent from the Website services resulting from the user’s browser, as well as access data the latter has stored.

  • “Session Cookies”: These expire as soon as the user closes the browser.
  • “Persistent Cookies”: These expire according the achieved purpose (for example, to keep the user identified while using Services) or when they are manually eliminated.Additionally, Cookies can be classified, according to their Objective, as follows: This website applies owned and third party cookies to assess your browsing and in order to provide customized services and publicity according to your interests. Continuing browsing will be considered as your acceptance of our Cookies Policy
  • Performance Cookies: These cookies remember preferences for the tools available in the services, thus not having to re-set the services the user accesses.

Disabling Cookies

The IT Specialist must identify the type of cookies used by the Website under the classification in point 2: Types of Cookies, determining if they are own cookies or third party cookies: (Remove box when the applied cookies are identified)Usually, acceptance of cookies in the browser or cookies specific to a service can be cancelled. The modern browsers allow modifications to the cookies settings. Said settings are usually titled “Options” or “Preferences” in the browser menu. Additionally, the browser or the e-mail Controller can be set, and accessories free of charge that prevent downloading of Website Bugs when opening an e-mail may be installed. The Website provides users with instruction steps to access the settings menu for cookies and, in the given case, for private browsers of the main browsers:  Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings.  For more information, see Microsoft support or browser Help menu.  Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom Setup.  Chrome: Settings -> Advanced Options -> Privacy -> Content Settings.  Safari: Preferences -> Safety.  For more information, see Apple support or browser Help menu.

Possibility of Modifications in the Cookies Policy

The Website may modify the present Cookies Policy based on legislation or regulation requirements, or in aims to adjust the policy to the guidelines provided by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. For this reason, users a recommended to re-visit such policy on a periodic basis. When significant modifications to the Cookies Policy are made, users shall be notified through the Website or by means of an e-mail to registered users.

Use Rights. Industrial and Intellectual Property:

The contents of the website cannot be used or exploited by users except for the same navigation on the website, unless expressly authorized and in writing by GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L. All contents are protected by intellectual property rights.

Likewise, any of the contents of the website can be downloaded, reproduced or used in any other place than this website, unless express authorization by GENTEEL HOME GESTORA S.L.

Dispute resolution Procedure

For the settlement of any disputes deriving from the use of this website Spanish legislation will be applied, and tribunals and courts form Madrid, Spain, remain competent.

To present a claim concerning the use of this website or our services, you can send a mail to the mail address at the top of this website. A friendly agreement is desirable to be reached in the first instance.

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