Conditions Générales

These terms and conditions suppose a contractual relationship between Genteel Home Apartments and the client (guest) who has hired an accommodation through this website.

These Terms and Conditions must always be accepted expressly by each guest who wishes to make a reservation in aby apartment through the website:

The official reservation document of the property, which is always sent by email to the guest, refers to the rules that govern the following terms and conditions.

Terminology used in this document:

Company = Genteel-Home Apartments

Guest / Client = Anyone who stays in an apartment managed by Genteel-Home, both the one who makes the reservation and the companions.

Owner = Owner of an Property managed by Genteel-Home.

Web = Genteel-Home Apartments web portal


Genteel-Home is a company dedicated to the management of real estate rental. Each property has a different owner, who has previously signed with Genteel-Home a contract or collaboration agreement with Genteel-Home.

The contract signed between Owner and Genteel-Home can be of two types:

  • Genteel-Home manages the rental of the property in the name and on behalf of the Owner Operator, in exchange for a commission. In this case, the ownership of the accommodation is always owned by the owner of the property, although Genteel-Home on behalf of that person checks in, checks out, manages the cleaning, incidents, etc.
  • Genteel-Home rents the property to the property during a series of years, being in this case Genteel-Home therefore, the Exploiting Company and acting here always in name and own representation and as owner of the accommodation.


Through the website, reservations are made for all the apartments displayed on the website and sold in the different cities.

The reservation process is simple. The guest (client) selects the property / s that he / she wishes to reserve, selecting the most appropriate payment / cancellation commercial offer, and following the reservation process by completing the form with the required information.

Once the Genteel-Home reservation process is completethe guest can:

  • Send the booking confirmation email, which is a document with contractual force and that gives the guest the right to stay in the reserved apartment, for the reserved days and for the number of people indicated in the reservation. As an exception to the right granted by this confirmation of reservation, we find the cases of Force Majeure that will be considered later.
  • Reject the reservation request of the guest for any reason claimed by the company, in which case there will be no charge to the card provided by the client.

The reservation of a property, in itself, does not give the right to enter the reserved property in any case. It is not possible to enter a property without having paid the entire stay in advance.

On the other hand, the fact of having paid the entire stay does not entitle the guests to enter and occupy a reserved property in all cases. In effect, Genteel-Home reserves the right to cancel a reservation, paid or pending payment, if it considers the client inadequate for any reason (except those that concern race, religion and sex), as well as in cases of impossibility or force majeure. In these cases in which Genteel-Home cancels a reservation, if the guest has already paid in advance, the company will return immediately the amount previously paid.


Before a confirmed reservation, paid or not, the guest can make changes in the date or the number of guests, but never modify the apartment, because in this case it would be necessary to make a new reservation and the guests would lose the amount that had already paid.

Regarding the modifications:

  • If at the end the number of guets is less than it was indicated in the reservation, or the client decides to reduce the number oof nights of the stay, neither the reservation nor the amount of the rent of the apartment are modified.
  • If the client decides to increase his / her stay, he / she must request availability to Genteel-Home on the days that he / she wants to extend and in case there is an affirmative answer, pay the amount of the extended days.

Any type of reservation modification must be requested by email to the company.


The payment of the reservations will always be by credit / debit card.

Genteel-Home will make the charge on the credit card provided in the currency of the territory where the property is located, it means in Euros, unless the guest expressly indicates that it should be made in its original currency. In both circumstances, the company is not responsible for the extra charges that the guest may suffer due to the change of currency through it bank.


One of the guests staying at the apartment must be the holder of the credit / debit card previously provided in the reservation and to which the total amount of the stay has been previously charged.

In case that the holder of the card provided does not appear at the checkin process, there are two possible solutions:

  • Either the guest holder of the card sends to the company by e-mail a photocopy of his ID / Passport, photocopy of the card used in the reservation and signed authorization consenting to the payment of the stay with his credit / debit card so that they can lodge the others.
  • Either one of the guests at the checkin brings another card to which the total amount of the stay is charged and the amount charged to the original card is returned in that act.

If none of these actions can be carried out or is not allowed by the guests at the checkin, they must leave the apartment immediately without the right to compensation or any refund from the company.


To request the cancellation of an apartment, the client must indicate the reservation number and his/her personal information by email.

The cancellation policy will depend on the type of rate chosen when the reservation was made, since the prices of a property vary according to it.

There are two types of possible rates on the same property and each one has a specific type of cancellation policy:

  • Rate offered: The rate offered is the one that appears on the Web as such, and the charge of the total amount of the reservation will be x days before the arrival date (that are assigned according to the season). The day always starts at 0:01 a.m.
  • Non-refundable Rate: This rate is also announced as such on the Web and always has a disscount on the so-called «Rate offered», and the total amount of the reservation will be charged once the reservation is confirmed.

Genteel-Home may always make available to guests both rates, or only one of them, according to the commercial strategies followed at all times. There may also be apartments that have both types of rates and others that have only one of them.

In the event that a guest cancels a reservation with «Offer Rate» before x days (that are assigned according to the season) before the date of entry, no charge will be made.

Non-refundable reservations have a 24h grace period, so they can be canceled in that period without costs, as long as the reservation is not made 24 hours before 12:00 p.m. of the check-in date.

In the event that a guest cancels a reservation whose payment period has already accrued, for whatever reason (force majeure, illness, loss of travel by airline, etc) will lose the full amount paid, the same can not be used , in no case, to reserve at another time, even if the new reservation is in the same apartment. The cases of «No Show», will be considered as a full-fledged cancellation by the guest.


The deposit will have an amount between € 200 and € 500, depending on the property in question, and it will not be charged in advance, instead of that Genteel-Home may charge it from the card / s that the guest / s have provided.

The deposit will be charged by the company when it has been verified by the cleaning team of the company that the guest has damaged any element of the concrete property. The damage must be verified by the incident staff of the company and sent to the guest by photograph.

The company will always charge the exact amount of the damaged item’s repair invoice, neither more nor less.

The apartments are delivered in perfect condition and with all the objects working, therefore, any damaged object in the apartment during the stay of a client, provided it is a misuse of it, will be repaired with the amount of the bail.

If any object that is damaged or it stops working as a consequence of a «normal and adequate» use of it, the repair will not be charged to the client with the amount of the deposit. The client must demonstrate that the use of the damaged object has been «normal and adequate».


The guest must always read carefully the reservation confirmation sent by email from Genteel-Home. In this, all the details of arrival at the apartment are specified: contact person, telephone number, entry and exit times, etc.

It is absolutely essential that at the time of check-in, all the guests who will be staying in the property (whether they are present at that moment or not) provide and show the passports or identity documents of each of them, as all documents must be sent by the company immediately to the National Police, in compliance with current legislation.

The person that makes his/her check-in is always strictly punctual. However, there are determined days a year in which (despite of having indicated his/her arrival time previously), an accumulation of customers arrivals at a same hour can generate involuntary delays in the reception of customers. This is like this because the apartments haven’t a reception and are placed in different places of the city, so it’s necessary to move for each check-in. This possible delays outside the control of the person in charge of checkins, must be accepted by the customers as inherents to this kind of accommodations and doesn’t give right to a compensation for delays or a decrease in the book amount.

The contact person that will realize the check-in will wait at the door of the building where the apartment is placed, will show the property, will deliver the keys and will explain anything you might need to know.

The arrival to the apartments from 9:00 pm has an extra cost of 30€.

As general norm, check in after 00:00 am won’t be made. If you’re arriving later than that time to the apartment, please, consult if your reception is possible, before making your online booking. In any case check-in from 00:00 am has an extra cost of 50€.

During your stay, the access to the property is limited exclusively to the number of individuals specified at the booking process. Consequently, entry to the property is strictly prohibited for persons not registered as guests. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in an additional charge amounting to 50% of the total cost of the stay as a penalty, or alternatively, immediate expulsion from the accommodation.


The apartments are, in principle, in perfect stay and its amenities work correctly. Even though, can be failures in one or several objects of the apartment that hasn’t been detected for any reason before the arrival of the customer, being this one who must inform Genteel-Home to proceed to the reparation as soon as possible. This won’t suppose in any case a decrease in the rental price, or the refund of the amount paid by the customer. In any case Genteel-Home reserves the right to compensate the customer affected by the breakdown, somehow, if it’s considered necessary in that concrete case.

Genteel-Home describes in the website those elements, amenities and features that each apartment has, but not those that it doesn’t have, that means that if a tenant needs to know any special or specific detail, like for example if there are staircases at the entrance or anywhere in the apartment, if it’s exterior or interior, or if it’s noisy or not, as any other feature that’s essential for the stay of the customer in the apartment, he/she’ll has to ask expressly to Genteel-Home by email before the booking of the property, so he/she ensures previously that the apartment satisfies his/her expectations.

If the customer arrives at the apartment and he/she is not satisfied because the apartment lacks any fundamental requirement to the customer, and yet he/she did not previously asked by email, is not required to reimburse the amount under any circumstances, he/she won’t be changed to another apartment (as each property has its own proprietary and can not cause harm to an owner by a unknown need of the tenant).

The machines that provide the apartments with air conditioning and/or heating can be portable or fixed. In case they are portable they will be installed in the summer months in case of air conditioning and in the winter months in case of heating.

The apartment is equipped with utensils we understand basic to live, and this is specified on the Web. If a customer needed a special element to his/her liking, it can be applied to Genteel-Home, which will study if providing it is possible at that time for the company and provided that the particular object is funded by customer that requests it. For example: If the apartment has an Italian coffee and customers want a French or American, etc.


The maximum time of departure of the apartments is 11:00h, because from that time the cleaning staff will go to proceed with cleaning the apartment. Genteel-Home will be entitled to charge three times the amount per night of the apartment in case it isn’t left the same day expected.

Exceptionally, you can ask leaving later the apartment, for it’ll has to be notified to the contact person when they get in the apartment on their arrival day.


  • It is forbidden to accommodate more people in the building than the described in the reservation document.• Pets are not allowed, unless expressly authorized by Genteel-Home.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all apartments and in all its internal and external spaces.
  • Parties, loud music at any time or any behavior or activity that is annoying to the neighbors. In fact, guests agree to comply strictly with the rules issued by the residents belonging to the apartment.
  • Responsible behavior, appropriate and respectful by guests to the property, their belongings and company personnel are expected. Therefore in the event that guests not behave in a sufficiently responsible and respectful manner with the apartment or the staff of the company, Genteel-Home reserves the right to evict them from the apartment.

Failure to meet any of these six aspects involves the immediate expulsion from the property where the offender is staying, not entitled to any compensation.

If after having notified the expulsion, motivated by any of the circumstances previously described, they’d refuse to accept the expulsion, Genteel-Home will have the right to charge offenders double the price per night, per extra night that they spend the night in the apartment.


The client can request invoice of the total subscriber as long as the ownership of the property is company or another legal entity. If the owner of the property is an individual, it may only require an invoice of 30% of the total amount paid, as it is the percentage that corresponds to Genteel-Home as fees for the management of the rent.

In the event that the Property is a legal, autonomous or similar entity, an invoice of the 70% must always be made for the amount received from each reservation, and that invoice may be requested by the guest. Depending on whether the property which makes the invoice is providing or not by its own the services of the hotel business in the property, the invoice will go to 10% VAT or exempt respectively.


Genteel-Home and the owner do not take responsibility for any type of direct or indirect damage that happens to the tenants during their stay in the apartment, including (without limitation): damages to persons or possessions, losses resulting from fire, theft or criminal behavior.

Genteel-Home will not be responsible or will accept formal complaints of circumstances that occur outside the apartment: noise produced by neighbors, works, etc.

Genteel-Home makes every effort to maintain as accurately as possible the descriptions pictures, etc. of the apartments in our website and advertisements.

Genteel-Home reserves the right to update any type of information on the website, including without limitation: taxes, descriptions and pictures, etc.

Genteel-Home reserves the right to update these conditions when necessary. However, the conditions applied at the time a guest makes a reservation, will affect during the entire stay, without the possibility of modification by the Company once the reservation is confirmed.

That is, the modifications that Genteel-Home makes on these terms and conditions will not have retroactive effects and therefore they will be valid only for reservations that take place after the modification.

These conditions do not affect your rights as a consumer.


The properties offered by Genteel Home are not meant for touristic rentals. The incorporation of any property to our portfolio meets the requirements of temporary accommodation of a client/tenant profile generally corporate, or is rented for purposes different than touristic.

These apartments are mainly located in the city of Madrid, as it is the most common destiny for this kind of stays, and they are solely and exclusively rented for this kind of temporary rentals. They are perfectly identifiable, as in the description found on the website of each of them it is perfectly stated the use to what it is intended.

These properties are rented for temporary stays, in accordance to the provision in their own and specific rental agreements, and where no provision is made in the agreement, these general conditions shall apply. Where not covered by these and in general, the Urban Leases Law and the Spanish Civil Code shall apply.


A Premium user in Genteel Home is a guest who has stayed overnight with Genteel Home on a previous occasion and wishes to do so again.

Once the first stay is over the guest can register as a Premium user, which will grant them the right to book a future stay on our website with an extra 10% discount off the "normal" accommodation price published on the website.

At the end of a stay with Genteel Home, the user will receive an email with a username and a password to register as a Premium user and thus be able to access, for future reservations, a private space where they will already see all the prices of the apartments with a 10% discount applied to both the "normal” and “standard" rates of the web.