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What to do in Granada in march

11 febrero, 2020

Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia and in the whole of Spain, and also one of the most visited as many tourists not only travel to the city to see its monuments and its incredible natural reserves, but also to enjoy the good atmosphere that the city of Granada transmits.

So if you are preparing a trip to Granada this March, we want to propose some plans to enjoy the city and its beauty at its best.

What is the temperature in Granada in March?

Although in summer Granada is usually one of the Andalusian cities with the warmest temperatures, in March it is usually still a little cold because we are in the seasonal change from winter to spring, whose equinox is celebrated on March 20, giving way to the flowery season. Temperatures in Granada in March usually range from 5┬║C to 22┬║C, although in 2019 they reached a minimum of 0┬║C and a maximum of 25┬║C during this month.

How to dress in March in Granada?

The most advisable thing to wear during this month in the Andalusian city is warm clothes that are easy to take off like light feathers, as this time of year usually alternates sunny days with long cloudy spaces, during which it gets a little cold. But when the sun comes out the temperature is much warmer, so wearing light clothes and a coat that we can take off and transport comfortably would be the best option.

What to do in Granada in March?

Visit Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is one of Spain’s favourite places to visit during the winter, whether it is to slide down its snowy slopes practising skiing or snowboarding, to relax by the fire while watching the white landscape or to enjoy the snowy nature of this mountain range during the winter months. If you like contrasts, we recommend that you visit it during the month of March to enjoy the last snows of the year while you watch the first shoots of spring (but remember to take sunscreen because both snow and sun can hurt your skin if you do not protect yourself properly).

Snowy landscape of Sierra Nevada
Snowy landscape of Sierra Nevada

Visit the Alhambra Gardens + Night Visit

Almost a must if it is your first time in Granada, especially if you are in the city in the spring months as the flowers in the Nasrid gardens begin to open and flood the whole place with their aroma, making the Alhambra not only a gift for the eyes, but also for the rest of the senses.

If you have already visited the Muslim fortress, we propose a way to rediscover its beauty by visiting it at night, letting the magic that characterizes this place flood you, especially when it is illuminated with dim light and under the stars, almost transporting us to a distant time.

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Night view of the Alhambra
Night view of the Alhambra

Walk along the Paseo de los Tristes

Although its original name is ┬źPaseo del Padre Manj├│n┬╗, it is better known by the nickname ┬źPaseo de los Tristes┬╗ because in the 19th century it was the path that led to the cemetery of San Jos├ę, giving this route a melancholy as well as a certain romantic air due to the natural landscape that characterizes it.

One of the best plans to enjoy Granada is to walk along the banks of the Darro River, contemplating its stone bridges and visiting some of the monuments that we will find along the way.

Bridge over the Darro River in the Paseo de los Tristes, photo taken by -JvL-
Bridge over the Darro River in the Paseo de los Tristes, by -JvL-

Have an ice cream at ┬źLos Italianos┬╗ on the Gran Via in Granada

Nothing better to enjoy the sunny days of March than having an ice cream in one of the favorite places of the locals and visitors. We refer to the Ice Cream Shop ┬źLos Italianos┬╗ which is located in the Gran V├şa, in the heart of Granada’s historic centre.

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Visit the Carmen de los Mártires

One of the most characteristic things about Granada are its ┬źC├írmenes┬╗, old garden houses that used to take advantage of the high ground to grow all kinds of plants, especially vegetables and fruits, serving as an orchard and garden where you can rest in the shade of its trees. Although most of these ┬źc├írmenes┬╗ are now private properties, we find some of them open to the public, such as the famous ┬źCarmen de los M├írtires┬╗, where we can see peacocks, plants and trees of all kinds, a neoclassical style palace with a modernist style fountain. Without a doubt it is one of the best places in Granada to take a walk, discover its history, enjoy the incredible views of the city or simply sit down with a book and let yourself be flooded by the tranquillity and fresh air that you can breathe there.

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Visit the flamenco ┬źSaraos┬╗ in the Sacromonte

Another activity preferred by visitors is to enjoy flamenco shows such as those we can find in Sacromonte, which is located in the Albaic├şn district and is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and is especially characterized by its caves, in which the flamenco shows take place. Among these we recommend the cave of ┬źLos Tarantos┬╗, ┬źMar├şa la Canastera┬╗ and ┬źEl Gallo┬╗, where you can enjoy the best folklore, music and flamenco dance.

Flamenco dancer
Flamenco dancers

Visit a Hammam

Granada is known for its extensive Muslim heritage, among which we can find the Hammans, old thermal baths with pools at different temperatures, sauna and Turkish bath. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to relax alone or with a partner is to go to a Hammam, since as soon as you enter you will feel transported to a place where you can forget about the outside world thanks to its Arabic decoration, its soft light and soft music, as well as the aroma of the essential oils used as aromatherapy. Some of these Arab baths offer to complete this experience and make it unforgettable services of massages and relaxing rituals like the ones we can find in the Hammam Al-Ándalus, which is built on some ancient ruins from the 14th century.

Water fountain of a Hammam

Going out for the Night Granada

Granada is a lively city and full of good atmosphere, especially at night, when the inhabitants and tourists take advantage of the opportunity to go out to the restaurants and shops in the area to enjoy the gastronomy, good music and dance. Although there are many places that can be visited in the downtown area and its surroundings, we recommend you those of the Elvira street and the Pedro de Antonio de Alarc├│n street, as well as the local Magic Granada where we can enjoy live jazz music surrounded by a retro industrial style decoration next to the Plaza de Toros de Granada, or the Eshavira Club an emblematic place where you can attend the best flamenco sessions in the city center.

Jazz Trumpeter
Jazz trumpeter