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Things to do in Costa del Sol

18 julio, 2019

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There is no doubt that the Costa del Sol in the South of Spain is one of the most popular beach destinations all over the world among all kind of tourists. There are many reasons that have contributed to its success: an excellent climate, good connections by plane with basically all cities in Europe and many important ones from the rest of the world, and an amazing touristic infrastructure are just some of them.

If you are decided to spend your holidays in the Costa, we advise you to forget about crowded resorts and opt for a luxury apartment in Costa del Sol instead. And if you need ideas on what to do, no worries, here you have our list of the best things to do in Costa del Sol:

Sunbathe on its beaches

Beaches are undoubtedly the reason that drags most tourists to this region. From Nerja in the East to Estepona in the West, the Costa del Sol stretches over 300 kilometers where you will find a total of 126 beaches: secluded and busy, sandy and rocky, big and small… There is something for everybody. Some of the most renowned are Maro and Burriana in Nerja area, El Faro in Marbella, la Viborilla in Benalmádena and El Cristo Beach in Estepona.

And if you are more of an action person no worries, there’s a water sports center next to the beach at virtually every resort in the Costa, where you can practice paddle surfing, jet skiing, parasailing or windsurfing, among many others!

Discover the ‘pueblos blancos

If you are getting tired of the beach, it’s time to explore the beautiful hinterland. The white villages, also known as ‘pueblos blancos’, are hidden amongst the peaks and valleys throughout Málaga province, but the more famous in the area are Ronda and Frigiliana.

Ronda is a lovely town that still retains much of its historic charm, especially its old town. It is famous worldwide for its dramatic escarpments and views, and for the deep El Tajo gorge that carries the Guadalevín river through its center.

Frigiliana is one of the most picturesque and beautiful villages you can visit, a maze of cobbled streets, with meticulously maintained whitewashed houses that provide a stunning contrast against the blue skies and red slate roofs.

Spend a day in Malaga, the capital

The southernmost large city in Europe is considered one of the oldest cities in the world due to its 2,800 years of history. In contrast, nowadays Malaga is renowned for being one of the most modern and trendiest towns in Andalucía. A visit to the Alcazaba – Roman Theater – Gibralfaro Castle area is mandatory, as well as a stroll through the brand-new Port area, full of shops and restaurants.

If you happen to visit it in one of those rare rainy days, don’t stress, the city offers more than 30 museums, some of them with international recognition, such as the Museo Carmen ThyssenMuseo Picasso and a Pompidou delegation.

Hike ‘El Caminito del Rey

Located in El Chorro gorge, in the village of Ardales, El Caminito del Rey is a 100-year-old hiking trail that stands at a staggering 105 meters above the river below.

It was once known as the world’s most dangerous pathway, but, after four years of restoration, the walkaway finally reopened in 2015 to the public and now it’s a safe and easy scenic hiking trail but still exciting!

Enjoy the local gastronomy

Spanish food is famous for being varied, rich and healthy and the Costa del Sol is no exception. One of the must-tries of the local cuisine is the espeto. Nearly every beach in the region has chiringuitos, beach bars that offer mainly Andalusian fried seafood dishes. In virtually all of them you will find this local delicacy, consisting of skewered sardines roasted over crackling wood fires on pits in the beaches outside. Just add a pinch of salt and lemon and enjoy! Cheap, healthy and delicious.

Of course, there is much more than espetos. We advise you to also try all sorts of pescaito frito (small fried fish), coquinas (a special kind of clams, smaller and tastier), gazpacho (a delicious vegetable cold soup) and some of the endless local tapas that can be found in the region. Oh, and don’t obsess over paella, it’s not a specialty in the area so places which offer it are mainly tourist-oriented!

Play golf

The Costa del Sol is not known as ‘Costa del Golf’ for no reason. The area is considered an all-year-round golfer’s paradise boasting around 60 golf courses, among which four are ranked in the Top 10 in Europe: Valderrama Golf Club, San Roque Golf Club, La Reserva and Los Naranjos.

The excellent climatic conditions that the Costa del So offers, with a very low rainfall even in winter, make it perfect to enjoy a round of golf anytime all year-long. As a bonus, the courses are normally surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including spectacular panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

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