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Malaga to Granada

5 julio, 2019


If are a foreigner who wants to visit the beautiful town of Granada from abroad, your best and most logical option would be flying to the international Malaga – Costa del Sol Airport.

From there, there are four ways of going from Malaga to Granada: by car, by bus, by train and by taxi.

By car

If you pick up a rent a car at Malaga Airport, it will take you around an hour and a half to reach the town taking the A45 road that goes through Casabermeja and then joins the A92 Granada direction.

You will drive 127 km in total and you will spend an estimated amount of 12€ in petrol.

By bus

The bus is also a very convenient option. ALSA buses to Granada can be taken at the Airport. Depending on which one you choose, it can take from two hours to two hours and a half. Prices start from 11,97€.

If you are already in the town of Málaga, you can take the bus at Málaga bus station. The trip takes from one hour and a half and prices start at €5.75 each way.

There are 19 buses per day, starting at 07:00 and finishing at 21:30.

By train

The train is maybe the least cost-efficient option and the least frequent one.

There is an average of 4 trains per day starting at 09:10 and finishing at 20:13. It takes 02:08 minutes to reach its destination and prices start at 14,85€ each way.

It might take more time than the car or the bus, but it offers more comfort during the trip. Also the station where you arrive in Granada, located in Andaluces street, is more centric than the buses one.

By Taxi

Of course, there is always the option of taking a taxi from Málaga Airport to Granada. The price will be arranged with the taxi driver, but it should be around €160 to €200. It can be a convenient option if you are traveling in a group of four and/or you are carrying heavy luggage. Also if you happen to arrive in the middle of the night.

And what to see…

In Malaga

Even if your main goal is visiting Granada, we truly recommend spending at least one day before or after the trip discovering the lively and modern city of Malaga.

The capital of the Costa del Sol is a very cultural city that has much to offer to the visitor aside from the obvious sun and beaches. It currently has more than 30 museums, interesting historical monuments to visit, an attractive shopping offer and rich and varied gastronomy

Don’t miss the Port area, one of the oldest in the world with more than 3000 years of antiquity that has been recently renewed with a wide offer of bars, shops and restaurants.

Also the Historical City Center, which congregates most of the monumental offer is a must: the Roman Theatre, the Alcazaba, Gibralfaro Castle and the Cathedral, known as ‘La Manquita’ for having an unfinished tower are the ones you should start with.

Shopping in Larios street, going for a swimming in La Malagueta beach, trying espetos an pescaito frito in El Palo neighbourhood or observing a panoramic view of the town from a rooftop with a cocktail in your hand, are just some of the possibilities this town offers.

In Granada

Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, this charming town is not only home to the Alhambra but to many other cultural attractions that make this destination one of the favourites among tourists around the world. 

With an average of more than 6,000 visitors per day, the Alhambra Palace located in the Andalusian city of Granada is Spain’s most visited monument and the country’s best example of Islamic architecture, with influences from various cultures.

This massive architectural complex is located on top of the hill al-Sabika, on the left bank of the river Darro, to the west of the city of Granada facing the neighbourhoods of the Albaicin and of the Alcazaba. It dates back to AD 889 and its value is huge in terms of historic, artistic, and touristic interest. Its design, mosaics, and mind-blowing views are truly breathtaking and never fail to leave visitors in awe.

The Cathedral and the Royal Chapel absolutely worth a visit too. The Cathedral of Granada was built on the site of the former Great Mosque. The first stone of the Cathedral of Granada was placed in 1523, but it was not finished until 1704, 181 years later. It has an imposing interior with several beautiful chapels. 

The Royal Chapel is the burial place of the Catholic Kings and is adjacent to the Cathedral. 

Also mandatory in Granada is visiting the districts of Albaycin and Sacromonte, two of the most historic and picturesque ones.

The Albaycin is located on a hill opposite the Alhambra and is one of the most typical districts of Granada where you can find narrow streets lined with old Arab houses.  You can enjoy stunning views of the Alhambra from the Mirador de San Nicolás – the most famous viewing-point of Granada. 

The Sacromonte is famous for its gypsy caves, beautiful natural surroundings and flamenco shows.

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