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Málaga nightlife

30 mayo, 2019


Malaga is a city full of life, perfect to spend some time in a luxury apartment or in a long stay apartment enjoying all the possibilities that the city has to offer. In this article, we are going to focus on Malaga nightlife.

If you are a nightlife lover, congratulations, the city and its surroundings offer endless possibilities. Although small bars and pubs predominate, the city also has a handful of select discos in which to enjoy the night until the wee hours of the morning.

But first, dinner

Remember that you are in Spain, so if you want to mix with the locals, do not book anything before 21:30- 22:00. Bookings are advisable during the weekends if you are considering proper fine dining in places such as Eboka, La Antxoeta, Beluga or Alea. Informal tapeo it’s also a good alternative. Although they are not free as in other cities of Spain, there is a good selection of tapas bars in town, ranging from the most traditional (El Pimpi, Orellana, Mesón Ibérico) to the most creative ones (KGB, Taberna García).

The first drink(s)

You would probably finish dinner around midnight and, this might come as a shock, it will still be too early for heading to the pubs or discos, which usually start getting crowded around 2:00 or 3:00 hours. But do not worry, there are plenty of options to fill in that gap.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it is officially rooftop season. As you will discover, having a drink at sunset on a terrace overlooking the city is another of the pleasures that Malaga offers. There is a wide variety, most of them located in hotels and hostels, but here is a selection of our favourites: Molina Lario, AC Málaga Palacio, Oasis Lounge, Room Mate Larios terrace, Room Mate Valeria terrace, Hotel Sallés, Alcazaba Premium Hostel, San Juan Terrace.

If you are visiting off-season, you can always head to Mitjana square, where a young crowd gathers to drink outside the different bars that sorround it.


Ok, time to start the party! There are pubs to cater all music preferences. Pop/dance/latin music is nowadays the most typical combo, which you will find in most of the pubs of the city center, such as Tenessee, La Biblioteca or Malafama.

But if rock is your thing, there are still places to enjoy it, such as Indiana, ZZ Pub or Drunkorama. Some of them offer live music every now and then.


Mind you, Malaga is not a city of big discos Ibiza style, but there is still a good selection of medium-size clubs, such as: Liceo, Andén, Sala Gold, Málaga Theatro Club, Sala Wengué Privé, Bamboo Drinks and Music, all of which offer commercial pop/dance music, and Sala Spectra, with a more indie/rock vibe.

All of them are located within the city center, spread around a couple of streets, which makes it very convenient if you want to visit more than one per night.

They normally open during the weekends, some of them including Thursdays (typical party day for University students) and a few remain open all week-long, such as Sala Gold, Theatro Club or Wengé.


Just a few minutes by car to the West of Malaga we find Torremolinos. Since a few years ago, the promenades of Playamar and Los Álamos have resurfaced with new beach clubs offering hammocks during the day and good music during the night during the spring/summer season.

Maná Playamar, Nuevo & Sur Beah House, Café del Sol, Maracas Los Alamos Beach Club … are some of the most popular options in the area.

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