Visit Córdoba from Seville

20 agosto, 2018

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While you stay in one of our luxury apartments in Seville, you will have the opportunity to travel to the seaside city of Cádiz. Christopher Columbus chose the port of Cádiz from which to set off for the New World for the second time. That is when Cádiz became the Puerto de Indias (port and gateway to the Indies). This continuous flow of trade led to the economic and cultural boom of this city. This also caused a large number of pirate attacks, which explains the many bastions that still remain in Cádiz, which are together one of the features of this city.

La Costa de la Luz, divided into Huelva and Cádiz, offers a large number of tourist destinations that combine cultural and leisure activities. The city centre houses many tourist attractions: Cádiz Cathedral which, with its dome covered with golden tiles, perfectly matches the style of this city. This building is next to the old Roman theatre of Cádiz and the Catedral Vieja de Cádiz (old cathedral). It is worth visiting what was once the main square, now known as San Juan de Dios square, where the neoclassical building of the town hall raises. Its peculiar streets shape a layout of outstanding beauty and lead into an endless number of lively squares. Some of them are home to museums, like the Museo Arqueológico y de Bellas Artes de Cádiz (archaeological and arts museum) located in Mina square. Others house religious buildings, as the Iglesia Conventual de San Francisco (San Francisco church-convent) located in San Francisco square. Finally, el Tío de la Tiza square is where the carnival, festival of international tourist interest, has its origins.

Los Carnavales of Cádiz (carnival of Cádiz), which has been considered to be of international tourist interest, is the most important festival in Cádiz. This is the time of the year when everybody puts on a costume and parodies everything that has happened throughout the year by telling jokes and performing in comparsas (troupes). The best-known carnivals are celebrated in February, although there is another one which takes place during the summer. This is an event that could not be imagined in any other parts of the world.

As for cuisine in this part of the region, it is necessary to mention the pescaíto frito (fried fish), ortiguillas (fried snakelocks anemone), tortilla de camarones (shrimp omelette), shrimps, prawns,…there are no better cooks of seafood than the people from Cádiz. Another important feature of Cádiz cuisine is the wine from Jerez. These are just a few reasons why you must visit Cádiz, come to discover all the enchantments that so characterise this place!

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