Gastronomy in Granada

20 agosto, 2018

The gastronomy of Granada was strongly influenced by Arabs, who left their unmistakable stamp on the use of spices; hence its special savour. This meal is characterized by its variety and delicacy, so visitants will enjoy a wide gastronomic range that will make your visit even more pleasant and tastier.

Products and traditional dishes

The products of the rich meadow that surrounds the city are the basis of many local dishes, such as the fried broad beans with ham (highlighting the famous “Trevélez” ham, which is cured in the highest town of the Iberian Peninsula and very demanded, although obtaining from white pigs). Besides,the following dishes are very important: the Olla de San Antón, a traditional dish especially for the winter months that consists of a stew made with dried broad beans, pork and other ingredients that can be changed, the traditional gazpacho of Andalucía (cold vegetable soup), the choto al ajillo (young goat in garlic) and the tortilla del Sacromonte, an omelette made with mutton brains, testicles and other kind of tripe and offal. 
It is worth mentioning the patatas a lo pobre (“potatoes prepared in poor style”), which are fried with olive oil, pepper and egg, besides the traditional migas (crumbs in English). If the tourist visits the city in spring, he cannot leave the city without tasting the traditional saladilla or torta de carda with broad beans, which is a bread dough covered with some grains of coarse salt and baked, above all if his visit coincides with some festivities, such as the Cruz de Mayo (May Cross), the Feast of Corpus Christi or San Cecilio (Saint Caecilius).  
Granada is also renowned by its asparagus, oil and wines (above all the wines of the Contraviesa, Albondón and Albuñol). It should not be forgotten the beer brewed in Granada since 1925: the Alhambra Beer


Regarding the confectionery, the use of the honey has been inherited from Arabs, as well as that of the spices. In this area, we can stand out the tocino de cielo (egg and syrup pudding), the alfajor of the Albaicín (pastry sweet), the pionono of Santa Fe (small pastry), the pastries elaborated by the cloistered nuns in their convents, such as the bizcochadas (sponge cake), the mantecados (sweet made from flour, almonds and lard) and, above all, the huesos de santo (filled roll of marzipan) of the nuns of Santa Isabel. It is necessary to taste some of them before leaving the city, because they have a singular taste that will leave you speechless. 


The tapas are an aspect quite important of the gastronomy of Granada, they are considered as a tradition by all the citizens. At any time of the day, you can relax in a bar and, in passing, eat tapas for a reasonable price, since they are given away with every drink in general. From cheese portions or serrano ham (jamón serrano) to squids, meat with sauce, paella, prawns, octopus, fried aubergine… a wide variety of products, since every bar has a speciality to offer. Going “bar hopping” (ir de tapas) is considered as a habit by the people of Granada, so a tourist visit will never be complete if you do not do this. 


The best areas where you can enjoy this activity are in the Campo del Príncipe, the Realejo, the calle Elvira, the Plaza Nueva and the Paseo de los Tristes surroundings, which have a lot of terraces, the Plaza de la Romanilla and the Plaza de la Pescadería, which are located next to the Cathedral and are one of the most lively areas, the Town Hall surroundings and the calle Navas, the Albaicín and the Sacromonte.
Granada has a lot of bars that the tourist will discover while visiting the city, mixing culture with culinary art thus, which are two aspects that must be known when visiting a new city. One of them is Los Diamantes, a renowned classic located in the calle Navas and open since 1942. This familiar bar is famous due to its fried aubergines, brains, fried fish… Because of its small size, they have opened another at the end of the same street. Equally, la Taberna La Tana and Las Copas, two cosy bars, are also in the calle Navas (one of the favourite places for the citizens to go “bar hopping”. 
The Taberna el Mentidero, located in the centre of the city, is also important. Thanks to its name, standing and the good work since 2005, two other “Mentideros” have been opened, with the same high level and environment. Here, the tourist will take pleasure in the best wine selections and in its innovative cuisine. 
If the visitant wants to enjoy a mixture of good views and tapas, the best areas are the Albaicín and the Sacramonte. In the first area, you can find the Bar Aliatar – Los Caracoles, renowned by its most representative tapa: edible snails in albaicinera sauce. It is an ideal bar for enjoying the sun in its terrace in the Albaicín square while tasting one of its plates. Regarding the Sacromonte, the Casa Juanillo stands out, with a terrace with panoramic views to the Alhambra, and renowned by its homemade tapas, such as the tortilla de Sacromonte (Sacromonte omelette) or the patatas a lo pobre (sliced potatoes with onions, sometimes with pepper too). 
Next to the Alhambra is located the Paseo de los Tristes, renowned by its bars with terrace, such as the Puerta del Vino, which has a dining room inspired by the twenties, a wide variety of tapas and great music.
The Casa Enrique, the oldest bar of Granada (1870) but without free tapas, La Ermita, next to the bull ring, or La Ninfa, a cosy bar whose speciality is the pizza, are other renowned bars.  


Furthermore, Granada also has a large number of important restaurants. One of them is the Restaurante San Nicolás, located in the Albaicín and awarded the best restaurant prize in 2008. Here, the tourist will enjoy not only the succulent meal, but also a beautiful view to the Alhambra, so it is a restaurant worth visiting. Besides, it has three lounges with different environments, offering distinct possibilities, such as going bar hopping (in its bar), eating with the family in the main lounge or having a coffee in the “tea and reading room”, where there are also exhibitions. 
The Restaurante Mirador de Morayma, also located in the Moorish quarter the Albaicín, captivates everyone with its amazing views in an unrivalled setting; its local cuisine and its environment transport you to other space and will make your visit an unforgettable moment.
In the same neighbourhood, it must be emphasized a small restaurant with a creative cuisine, the Huerto de Juan Ranas, which is cosy and select. It has an excellent environment, where time does not seem to pass, a high quality cuisine and a personalised customer service. Reservation should be made in advance, because the number of tables is reduced.   

The Restaurante Raíces is characterized by being the first vegetarian
restaurant of Granada (since 1979). It has a lot of vegetable products, such as
vegetables, edible seaweeds or fruits, in addition to eggs, milk and products thereof,
and only first quality products. It is located close to the centre and
organises cultural activities, such as different exhibitions or vegetarian cooking

The Restaurante La Chumbera is located in the Sacromonte, very close to the caves of this neighbourhood and with wonderful views to the Alhambra and to the Cathedral, which can be contemplated from its large terraces and overlooks. Its dishes are creative and made from recipes of Granada and Andalucía; and it has a lot of installations, such as an auditorium, an amphitheatre and caves where zambras flamencas are organised for agreed groups.  

The Restaurante Damasqueros, the winner of the tapas of Granada competition, the Restaurante Arriaga, located inside the museum Memoria de Andalucía at the height of 60 metres and with Basque roots, or the Restaurante Ruta del Veleta, with a creative and imaginative cuisine, are other distinguished restaurants, among many others.

These restaurants have a distinguished and enveloping environment, which make clients go inside a creative world, full of tastes and aromas.