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Where is Estepona?

14 agosto, 2019


It is very likely that you have started to hear more about this beautiful town in the last few years, as its popularity is growing every day. But, if you want to know where is Estepona exactly located, as well as what is it that makes it so special, keep on reading.

Estepona is a town located in Southern Spain. With a population of 65,592 inhabitants, it is the 24th biggest city in Andalusia. It operates on the CEST time zone, which means that it follows the same time zone as Seville.

Its name comes from the cult to the Goddess Epona by the Celts. Later on, the Romans added the “Est” to designate this localization, although there is evidence that it was already inhabited during the prehistory.

Where is it located?

Estepona belongs to the province of Málaga, Andalusia, Europe/Madrid time zone. Perched on the western side of the Costa del Sol, next to Manilva, Marbella and San Pedro de Alcántara, it is located 36.43 latitude and -5.15 longitude, and situated at elevation 13 meters above sea level.

You can easily reach it by car from Malaga in around an hour if you take the motorway. Mind you, you should be prepared to pay the expensive toll though, especially during the high season.

Buses are also an option. Check the brand ‘Avanza’, leaving from Malaga Bus Station. There are three kinds: the regular ones, which take longer but are cheaper, the ‘semi-directos’ which are a bit faster, and the ‘express, which will take you there in just a bit more than an hour, and are obviously the most expensive option.

What makes it special?

Estepona is a gorgeous town often overlooked in favour of the nearby uber-famous Marbella. We could consider it a semi-hidden gem that not only boasts one of Andalusia’s prettiest old quarters but also some of Málaga’s best beaches and seafood restaurants.

But the fact that is not as popular as other Costa del Sol towns yet doesn’t mean that Estepona is behind when it comes to tourism because it caters for foreign visitors just as well as the rest of Málaga’s stunning coastline. What makes it so special though is that, unlike many of the Costa del Sol’s other towns, it has managed to retain its identity as a charming Spanish pueblo blanco, with its own unique ambiance and style.

The Old Town

This special charm is nowhere more obvious than in the town’s enchanting oldest quarter. A conspicuous feature of this neighbourhood is the profusion of colourful plant pots that adorn the whitewashed walls of its houses, bringing the cobbled little lanes to life with their big reds, yellows, blues and greens. Plaza de las Flores is the barrio‘s central square and is lined with tapas terraces and orange trees, whilst other treasures such as Plaza Begines and Plaza Blas Infante are to be found all over the quarter.

The Botanical Orchid Park

Once you have visited the city center, if there is somewhere you can’t miss is paying a visit to is the Orquidario Botanical Park. A unique collection of vertical gardens, more than 4,000 different species of orchids, waterfalls illuminated with a huge dome, and vegetation brought from all over the planet. This place will surely astound you.

The beaches

The Costa del Sol is world-famous for its beautiful beaches, which means that the most famous ones can get extremely busy during summer, especially in places as popular as Marbella, Torremolinos and Fuengirola. But due to Estepona’s lesser fame, even its main beach, Playa Rada, is less crowded than those other places of the Costa, even during the high season.

Rada beach boasts a bunch of chiringuitos and classy seafood restaurants and it’s less than a ten-minute walk into the heart of the old town. Other notable beaches near to Estepona are the Playa Costa Natura nudist beach (10 minute drive from town) and Playa El Cristo (5 minute drive or 15 minute walk from Estepona’s bullring), which can get a little busy in the summer but is situated in a lovely little cove and has two great chiringuitos.

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