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What to wear in Marbella

23 agosto, 2019

: Marbella

So you’ve booked a holiday in Marbella, hosted in a luxury apartment and now you want to know what to wear there? Keep on reading! We are going to advise you on what to wear in Marbella.

In general, we can say that Marbella is no place for discretion. People come here to be seen, especially to Puerto Banus, and for that reason, colorful looks are essential, especially during the night. Near the beaches and in the old town, there is a more casual code for dressing though. Travel clothes for women in those areas should include lightweight cotton skirts or trousers, especially in summer. Puerto Banus is the more fashionable and chic side of Marbella and requires a more thought out travel wardrobe.

For fashionable Puerto Banus, you’ll probably need a few different outfits. With its yachts, sportscars and exquisite restaurants, the port calls for sophisticated day wear. For the nightclubs, you need an outfit fit for a celebrity together with a pair of killer high heels. Basically, dress to impress.


Boho style

Flower dresses, kaftans, flared pants, 60s blouses … In Marbella having a bohemian and dreamy point is a must. Choose the garment or the set with which you identify most and carry it with total naturalness in Puerto Banús.

Beach kaftans

In this coastal city, the ‘pre-beach’ outfit matters as much as the one in the towel. Very short pants, miniskirts, and minidresses are unadvised. Nothing better than a kaftan to go the beach (or to sail) in style in Marbella. With a bohemian print or shirt style, the important thing is that has to be long-sleeved, independently of the degrees of the thermometer. There will be time for taking a dip and take off the heat later.

Don’t forget the hat

It is appropriate to wear a hat to the beach to avoid possible sunstroke. In fact, it is advisable. But not just any hat. In Marbella the most appropriate ones are those from Panama style since they are timeless and elegant.


When it’s time to party in the evening at some of Marbella’s exclusive cocktail bars and nightclubs, you’ll need to be looking at your best. Whether you’re partying under the stars of a cool terrace or dancing the night away at an exclusive club, it’s important to get your evening look just right.

There’s no such thing as going casual for a night out in Marbella, so leave your laidback shorts and flats behind! Bring a choice of fabulous dresses instead, a maxi dress is perfect for the Marbella heat.

Gala dress

In Marbella, there are all kinds of gala dinners, charity events, and parties in which it is usual to rub shoulders with the jet-set that are frequently gathered, so, for what may happen, don’t forget to include a ‘gala dress’ in the suitcase. No matter if it seems too bright / long / low / colorful, it will not be for the Marbella night.

Party kaftans

Another must are party kaftans. Combined with infarct jewelry, with improbable colors and even with pants, they are the perfect look for an unforgettable evening. The Arab influence of Andalusia is reflected in the Marbella night.

High heels

Although you are on vacation, do not forget your high heels if you travel to Marbella. You will need them on more than one occasion. They don’t need to be necessarily stilettos, but they must raise you a few centimeters above the ground. Wedges are perfect for the champagne pool parties.

The weather

As you know, summers can get really hot in Marbella, also at the end of spring and beginning of autumn. Though winters as mild, temperatures can drop significantly during the nights, with minimums of 7ºC/8ºC during January and February, so don’t forget your coat if you are coming during that season! Light sweaters and jackets are also a must for the rest of the seasons.

Hope we have helped you to pack your luggage your next trip to this amazing town! One thing we are sure of, no matter what you wear, fun is granted!