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The most beautiful places to see the Holy Week in Seville

4 marzo, 2015


As capital city of Andalusia, Seville has one of the most attractive events of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia in spring: the Holy Week. During eight days, the Seville natives go to the streets and make a manifestation about their catholic faith with the most of 60 processions. The city center becomes into the most important place of the city. That causes some big crowds (“bullas”).

Which are the best places to see the Holy Week in Seville?

The corner of the Orfila street with Javier Lasso de la Vega street.

The plaza del Duque de la Victoria.

The plaza de la Campana

Sierpes street

The Plaza del Triunfo

The corner of the Arco del Postigo with Arfe street

Alemanes street

The Cuesta del Rosario

The Alfalfa

The Plaza de Pilatos

The Plaza del Museo

The Basilica of Gran Poder

The Basilica of La Macarena

Why are they the best places to see the Holy Week of Seville?

The processions pass a lot of times or even, one after another there. Those places are also important, because there you can see the procession without any problems and without a lot of people. Sierpes street and the Plaza de la Campana have a sitting service made by the City Hall. If you want one seat, you must pay for it and wait for your turn in an order list. Even though, both places are emblematic for those who have a seat.
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