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The Feria de Abril in Seville: options for foreign

27 febrero, 2015


The Feria de Abril in Sevilla is a popular event, with a great support by several institutions. This festivity, whose origin was a livestock fair, offers some experiences, like enjoying the amusement park next to the fair called ‘Calle del Infierno’ to the singing and dancing in more than 1,000 tent or ‘casetas’. In addition, the best matadors go for a bullfighting performance in the Maestranza.

What are the most interesting things for foreign in the Feria de Abril in Seville?

Foreign will live an amazing experience, both in the ‘casetas’ and in the amusement park. The ‘Calle del Infierno’ is the better entertain for child and young people. At the night, this place becomes into a noisy and colorful world. The ‘Calle de Infierno’ has also a Circus, with a deal of spectacular performances.
Although the majority of the ‘casetas’ are private (it is necessary being member to come in), there exist some free entrance ‘casetas’ (it is not necessary being member to go in):
– UGT – C/A. Bienvenida, nº. 10

– PSOE Andalucía – C/A. Bienvenida, nº. 79

– Distrito Casco Antiguo – C/A. Bienvenida, nº. 97

– Área de Fiestas Mayores – C/Costillares, nº. 10

– Distrito Nervión-San Pablo – C/Costillares, nº. 22

– “La de to er mundo” – C/Costillares, nº. 77

– La Esmeralda – C/Costillares, nº. 82

– Pueblo de Sevilla – C/Curro Romero, nº. 28

– USO – C/Curro Romero, nº. 29

– A. CF. S. Fernando – C/I. Sánchez Mejías, nº. 56

– Distrito Sur – C/I. Sánchez Mejías, nº. 61

– Hermandades del Trabajo – C/Joselito El Gallo, nº. 109

– Partido Andalucista – C/Juan Belmonte, nº. 196

– La Pecera – C/Pascual Márquez, nº. 9

– Partido Popular de Sevilla – C/Pascual Márquez, nº. 66

– Comisiones Obreras de Sevilla – C/Pascual Márquez, nº. 81

– Distrito Macarena – C/Pascual Márquez, nº. 85

– Distrito Triana – C/Pascual Márquez, nº. 150

– Distrito Este – C/Pascual Márquez, nº. 21

In all the ‘casetas’, both private and public, there is a bar to ask for food and drink. Also, you can consume it while you are sitting at the tables in the ‘casetas’. Everyone will enjoy the experience in the Feria de Abril in Seville thanks to the security gave by the city hall.
This year, the Feria de Abril in Seville will be from April 20th at 12pm to April 26th.