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Secret places of Malaga that you can’t miss

12 febrero, 2020


There is no doubt that if we talk about the Malagueta, the Alcazaba, or the Gibralfaro Castle, we are making Malaga. There are many known symbols that identify this province. Around these are the luxury apartments in Malaga, as well as the hotels and holiday apartments. However, there are other secret places of Malaga, which are also worthy of consideration, but for some reason do not have the same recognition. Below, we will show you some of these places that you cannot miss if you are visiting.

Hidden places of Malaga

take note of all these secret places in malaga that you can’t miss. Discover the most surprising localicatons of Málaga:

The beaches of Pedregalejo

Pedregalejo is a fishing village on the outskirts of Malaga. This town has a number of attractions, little known outside the province but highly valued by its inhabitants. It has a beach formed by several coves, where you can find peace and quiet. If you are hungry or thirsty, there are several places where you can have a cold beer, a sardine spit or a drink at nightfall.

This area was chosen by the bourgeoisie in the 19th and early 20th centuries to build their summer residences. Nowadays you can see many of them on the beach and others on top that decorate the already fantastic views.

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Maro Beach

One of the best beaches in Malaga is undoubtedly the unknown one of Maro. This unique place offers a natural environment very different from the usual buildings on the beachfront. The waters in these 500 metres of sand are crystal clear.

But you will not only enjoy a pleasant day at the beach. If you are a lover of sport and nature, you will surely sign up for some of the activities available, such as snorkelling or a tour of the coast in a kayak.


Malaga is not only a coast and beach destination. The mountainous nature in the Andalusian province surprises by its beauty. Besides the high and wooded areas that are worth visiting, there are also villages like Frigiliana, located in the middle of the Natural Park of Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama.

The white houses, red roofs and painted wood create a unique Mediterranean atmosphere. Its cobbled streets make it a unique place to enjoy the views and unique photographs, with the mountains in the background.



Istán is another town that can and should be visited if you take a tour of Málaga. The most surprising thing is not the white houses on the mountain ridge, but the views. The village is beautiful, but more so is the natural environment, full of trees, water and the Embalse de la Concepción, created between mountains and with the immensity of the Mediterranean in the background.

The Torcal of Antequera

The landscape that you will see in Torcal de Antequera will leave you with your mouth open, you will have the impression of having arrived on another planet. This incredible place is little known, but offers one of the clearest karst environments in Europe. From below you will clearly see the spectacular rock formations, while from above you will see much of Malaga, with the sea in the background.

Torcal of Antequera
Torcal of Antequera

The Fuente de Piedra Lagoon

Another of Malaga’s secret places, known only to nature and bird lovers, is the Laguna Fuente de Piedra. If the weather has been generous with water, you can enjoy a great extension of shallow waters full of life.

Among the bird species you can find are flamingos. Here you will find the largest colony in Spain and the second largest in Europe. With a camera, a long distance lens and a little patience, you will have spectacular pictures of these and other birds.

Flamingos in the Fuente de Piedra Lagoon
Flamingos in the Fuente de Piedra Lagoon

Júzcar, the Smurf village

Júzcar is a municipality of Málaga. Unlike other villages in the area, this one is not white, it is blue. The façades of its houses are thus painted in honour of Peyo’s characters, Los Pitufos. Nowadays, it keeps this colour and it has become an original place to spend some days with the family. You can rent one of the apartments in this area of Malaga.

The village is full of activities, such as zip lines, themed restaurants or routes around. The environment, surrounded by mountains, favours the natural and fairytale atmosphere transmitted by the comics of the Belgian Pierre Culliford (Peyo).

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