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Parque Warner in Madrid

6 junio, 2019

: Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain, offers endless leisure possibilities to the tourist. If you are visiting the town with your kids, hosted in a luxury apartment, or you are just a thrill-lover, Parque Warner is one of the bests. Here is why:

This spectacular theme park was inaugurated in 2002 to compete with other popular Spanish parks such as Port Aventura – Tarragona and Terra Mítica- Benidorm.

The complex is divided into five themed areas: Hollywood Boulevard, Cartoon Village, Old West Territory, Super Heroes World and Movie World Studios. In total, it has a surface of more than 150 hectares in which you can enjoy yourself while surrounded by the most famous cartoon characters from the Warner Bros. 

Parque Warner has 41 attractions designed to suit all ages and tastes. It also puts on 58 daily performances of 18 shows and offers a wide range of dining and shopping options, which makes it one of the leading theme parks in Europe, jam-packed with all kinds of entertainment. There is also a children’s area in order for the youngest children to spend a wonderful day.

Since 2014, Parque Warner Madrid also has an amazing addition, perfect for the warm summer days: a themed water park, Parque Warner Beach, the ideal place to be to have a blast together with the Looney Tunes, the Flintstones and Scooby Doo, among other famous characters that come to life at Parque Warner Madrid. This part of the Park has an extra cost, though you can buy a ticket that combines both.

The best rides

The Parque Warner stands out for the quality of its rides, especially its roller coasters. These are the most popular rides:

  • Superman: this roller-coaster simulates the flight of the famous superhero and has multiple loopings. It reaches 100 km/h and it is very similar to the Dragon Khan in Port Aventura.
  • Batman: a roller-coaster with impressive hoops that goes more than 80 km/ h, as intense as Superman.
  • Coaster Express: 1 km-long wooden roller coaster.
  • Lastly, we recommend visiting the Warner Park in the morning, so the lines aren’t too long. Another suggestion is to stop at the best rides as soon as you get there.

The most spectacular shows

Parque Warner is not only famous for its rides, but for its high-quality and entertaining shows. These are some of the most acclaimed ones:

  • Police Academy Stunt show: Action, explosions, persecutions and impressive jumps makes this the best show in the park.
  • Gotham City Streetmosphere show: Very similar to the first one, it includes a fight between Batman and the Joker.


When you want to spend a nice day outside, food is always a highlight. Parque Warner offers a very varied offer to cater all tastes: from the more exclusive à la carte restaurant to a wide range of buffets, self-services and kiosks. Bringing your own food is strictly prohibited.

How to get there

The park is located at a 20-minute drive from Madrid. It is accessible by car, taking the 22 exit off A-4 towards San Martín de la Vega. There is a reserved parking area whose price is €10 per day.

You could also use public transportation. Parque Warner is pretty well connected and there are several options:

  • Train + Bus: Cercanías line C-3 stopping at Pinto. From there you can take the bus 412 or 413 that takes you directly to the park
  • Underground + Bus: From Metro station Villaverde Bajo, yellow line 3, you can take the bus 412.
  • Bus station Méndez Álvaro: you can take another bus that takes you directly to the park. You can buy the combined ticket for the park and transportation, or just transportation.


Adults: from 40,90€ -€29,90 online

Senior -older than 60 years: from 32,90€ -€29,90 online
Children from 100 cm to 140 cm tall: from 32,90€ -€29,90 online
Children less than 100 cm tall: free entry.