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High temperatures will help reduce cases of coronavirus

11 marzo, 2020


  • Seville expects to record temperatures typical of June during the month of March.
  • The heat is expected to help reduce the survival of the virus.

The high temparatures of Seville will reduce the cases of coronavirus

Seville is famous for its good climate and high temperatures, mainly in summer. Other cities that also enjoy the good climate are Malaga, Granada and Marbella, which are the main focus of tourism in Andalusia next to the capital.

According to AEMET, although there is still no evidence that heat helps to reduce the number of affected by COVID-19, they are really positive about it since in other cases of coronavirus (such as SARS) it served as a brake, as is the case with common flu and seasonal colds.

High temperatures are expected this week in the south of the Spain, reaching 34ºC (93ºF) in the Guadalquivir Valley.

A few days ago, epidemiologist Juan Gestal was interviewed at NIUS and said that «with the arrival of the heat it is expected that the coronavirus will decrease or even disappear«.

Although it is still too early to assure that heat contributes to the decrease of people affected by coronavirus, health authorities are favourable in this aspect based on similar antecedents, since viruses usually proliferate in traits of temperatures of 20º C (68º F), from which the chances of survival of the virus decrease as this temperature is exceeded.

«With the arrival of heat the coronavirus is expected to decrease or even disappear.«

Juan Gestal

In addition, the heat and vitamins obtained from the sun during good weather help our immune system become stronger and better able to resist the intrusion of bacteria or viruses. In other words, warm places

People on a sunny day in plaza de España in Seville
People enjoying the good climate of Seville