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Flamenco performances in restaurants in Granada

6 marzo, 2015


If you go to Granada and you don’t enjoy a flamenco performance in a ‘tablao’ you haven’t visited Granada. Granada offers countless activities, both outside and into a establishment. However, there is one activity which attracts attention from everyone: the the flamenco performances in restaurants in Granada.
Not all restaurants have this activity, but those who have, present some charming qualities. Those who dance (‘bailaores’) can be as famous as not. In those restaurants, dance, music, poetry and culture are together to create moments that touch our hearts.
Specifically, there exist three restaurants in Granada which offer flamenco performances:
Jardines de Zoraya, in Panaderos street 30, in the Albaicin neighborhood. More information:

Venta del Gallo, in Barranco de los Negros 5, in the Sacromonte neighborhood. More information:

Cueva los Tarantos, in el Camino del Sacromonte 9. More information:

Each restaurant has its own rates. In general, the ticket to see the performance has a different price from the lunch one. There also exist special rates for groups. There, the transport to the establishment is sometimes included.
In addition, there is a famous “tablao” in Albaicin neighborhood, located in Cuesta San Gregorio 30. This “tablao” does not offer lunch or dinners, but is worthwhile going there and enjoy an unique experience. More information:
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