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FLAMENCO MADRID. The Contemporary Flamenco Festival of Madrid

11 mayo, 2018

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On May 16, the fourth edition of Flamenco Madrid will start, a contest where big names are given of the current panorama of this Intangible Heritage of Humanity that represents us worldwide.

This year comes #ConMdemujer, promoting the talent of emerging artists with an epicenter in creative women, with initiative and courage.
The dance and singing will be the protagonists around the numerous exhibitions, conferences and events that will take place in Madrid from May 16 to June 10.
To give a start, next Sunday, May 13, Madrid invites everyone who wants to have a fun time trying to beat the world record of massive flamenco dancing. Expert dancers will be in front of the audience to guide them with the steps and movements creating a spontaneous choreography in which every participant is essential.
Your appointment with Flamenco in Madrid starts on May 13 at Plaza de Colón at 12: 00hrs. Art awaits you in Madrid!