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Feria de Abril Bulls posters in Seville 2015

14 abril, 2015


The Andalusian capital is a city which carries on a big bull-fighting tradition. The enthusiast public goes every afternoon to the bull ring of the Real Maestranza de Caballería of Seville, where the bullfight takes place in this city, gaining special importance those which take place during the Feria de Abril. It is the bull ring which carries the biggest bull-fighting tradition of Spain and it is also the more important one of the country.

It was built in 1733 and it was made of wood raised from the floor of the Baratillo Hill, it was also the first circular square. There are some statues nearby the Maestranza which are dedicated to the Sevillian bullfighters who have triumphed there, as for example Curro Romero.

The bullfight is a duel between the bull and the bullfighter. This one fights on foot or by horse if he’s a mounted bullfighter who uses the lance. The bullfighter fights the bull with the cape, guides him to the horse, and does his performance with the red cape and eventually he’s the death of the animal. The bulls poster which take place during the Feria de Abril in the bull ring of Real Maestranza begins on Domingo de Resurreción (5th April) and end on Domingo de Feria (26th April).


5th April – Domingo de Resurrección 
1st season ticket
Toros de Juan Pedro Domecq – Parladé, Espartaco,
J. M. Manzanares y 
Borja Jiménez (alternativa)

12th April – Sunday 
2nd season ticket
Novillos de Luis Algarra
Miguel Ángel León
José Ruiz Muñoz
Pablo Aguado

15th April – Wednesday 
3rd season ticket
Toros de Cayetano Muñoz
Joselito Adame
Oliva Soto
Esaú Fernández

16th April – Thursday 
4th season ticket
Toros de Fuente Ymbro
Antonio Nazaré
Arturo Saldívar
Javier Jiménez

17th April –

5th season ticket
Toros de Montalvo
El Cid
Daniel Luque
Pepe Moral

April – sábado 

6th season ticket
Toros de Victoriano del Río – Toros de Cortés
Enrique Ponce
J. M. Manzanares
Lama de Góngora (alternativa)

19th April – Sunday 
7th season ticket
Toros de Fermín Bohórquez
Rui Fernandes
Diego Ventura
Andrés Romero

20th April – Monday 
8th season ticket
Toros de Torrestrella
Antonio Ferrera
Iván Fandiño
Pepe Moral

April – Tuesday 

9th season ticket
Toros de El Pilar – Moisés Fraile
Finito de Córdoba
J. M. Manzanares
Daniel Luque

22th April – Wednesday 
10th season ticket
Toros de Juan Pedro Domecq – Parladé
Enrique Ponce
Sebastián Castella
José Garrido (alternativa)

April – Thursday 

11th season ticket
Toros de Victorino Martín
Antonio Ferrera
El Cid
Manuel Escribano

April – Friday 

12th season ticket
Toros de Núñez del Cuvillo
Rivera Ordóñez Paquirri
J. M. Manzanares
David Galván

25th April – Saturday 
13th season ticket
Toros de Jandilla – Vegahermosa
Juan José Padilla
Miguel Abellán
El Fandi

26th April – Sunday (morning) 
14th season ticket
Toros de Benítez Cubero – Pallarés
Fermín Bohórquez – Joao Moura, Leonardo Hernández – Manuel Manzanares y 
Luis Valdenebro – Lea Vicens

April – Sunday (afternoon) 

15th season ticket
Toros de Miura
Dávila Miura
Manuel Escribano
Iván Fandiño

Where and how tickets
for the Feria de Abril Bulls poster in Seville 2015 are sold

  1. The ticket office of the bull ring of the Real Maestranza will be open from 30th March to 26th April from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00h. The celebration day of every show, the ticket offices will be open from 10.00 to starting hour of it.
  2. On-line sales: