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Christmas holiday in Madrid

30 septiembre, 2014


At Christmas, Madrid invites everybody to take the scarfs and the gloves and go down to the street for enjoying all that this amazing city can offer us: markets, street lightning and decorations, ice-skating rinks, Nativity scenes exhibitions and many places where you can taste some of the most traditional products of this season.

Street Christmas light and decoration in Madrid

Despite it is cold, anyone can resist going on the streets and smell the roasted chestnuts which floods the streets specially illuminated for these dates.

The design of the lights has been in charge of some renowned people as Hannibal Laguna, Purificación García, Sergio Sebastián or Roberto Turégano, among other artists. Besides the lights, we can also find a Christmas tree coming up from the ground in the middle of various emblematic places in the city like in Puerta del Sol or in Plaza Mayor.

Christmas markets in Madrid

Since early in December, we will find at Plaza Mayor the most important Christmas market in the city, where both adults and children will enjoy seeing the huge variety of decoration articles, Christmas ornaments like tree balls and garlands, lights, costumes and items for parties, as well as the traditional figures for the Nativity scenes that many Spanish families put at their homes. Apart from this one, there are other markets at the main squares in the city: Plaza de Santa María Soledad de Torres, Plaza de Callao, Plaza del Carmen, Plaza de Santo Domingo, Plaza de España, Plaza de Moncloa, Plaza de Santa Cruz or Plaza de Jacinto Benavente.

Christmas shopping in Madrid

The best shops are also decorated and they have their doors opened to for clients looking for the ideal present for this Christmas time. The most popular shopping areas in Madrid are Gran Vía, Plaza Mayor, Sol and Callao. It is a recommendable walk because even those who usually avoid going shopping will get into the nice Christmas atmosphere which is behind the shop windows.

Exhibitions and outdoors activities

We are walking by the streets in Madrid looking for a place to take a good cup of hot chocolate with the traditional ‘porras’ and we find a group singing the traditional Christmas carols. And then we walk further on and we see many people forming a queue to see a Nativity scene exhibition. This is also Madrid at Christmas.

Besides that, there are also ice-skating rinks every year in some different places and popular squares in Madrid during December and early January. Whatever you prefer to do, there is not a shade of doubt that you will enjoy Christmas in your own way.

Spending New Year’s Eve in Madrid

The night of the 31st December, thousands of people meet at Puerta del Sol to welcome the new year with the popular Spanish tradition of the twelve grapes to the sound of the peals of the bells of the clock of Puerta del Sol. It is said that if you finish your twelve grapes on time you will be lucky all the year! It is a special way to celebrate New Year’s Eve within a festive atmosphere full of happiness.

Other events
San Silvestre Vallecana Run: this is a popular race organized by Nike which passes through some well-known places in the city like Puerta de Alcalá, the Cibeles fountain and Paseo del Arte.
Date: 31st December
Time: 5:30 pm
Distance: 10 km
Departure: Concha Espina street
Arrival: Nuevo Vallecas stadium
The Three Wise Men Parade: this festival is specially thought for children who are waiting to see the three Wise Men the day before getting their Christmas presents. This is a great parade of floats with many characters from the children world. At the end of this parade there are some performances and concerts taking place as well as a spectacle of fireworks.
Date: 5th January
Time: 6:30 pm to 9 pm (aprox.)
Departure: Nuevos Ministerios
Arrival: Cibeles
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