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The 7 best beaches on the Costa del Sol

20 febrero, 2020


The Costa del Sol has become one of the favourite places to visit during the summer by both Spaniards and tourists from all over the world. The southern coastal area of the province of Malaga is known as the Costa del Sol, which lives up to its name because of its good temperature practically all year round (with an average temperature of 19┬║), its sunny days (with more than 300 days of sunshine a year) and its coasts with crystalline waters overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Since the 1950’s tourism in this area has been growing exponentially, especially among tourists from Germany, France and England, receiving 35% of Andalusian tourism. Today we would like to recommend our list of the 7 best beaches on the Costa del Sol, located in Marbella and Estepona.

Artola-Cabopino Beach, Marbella

This fine sand beach, located in the protected natural area where the Artola dunes are located, provides a perfect opportunity to read a good book in the sun in the middle of this unique natural setting. It also has an area it is possible to practice nudism.

A place where you can enjoy the union of the vegetal nature and the sea surrounded by golden fine sand.

Cabopino Beach in Marbella
Cabopino Beach Marbella

El Faro, Marbella

Another outstanding beach in Marbella, which last year received seven blue flags, making it the Andalusian municipality with the most awards of this type, El Faro, located in the heart of the city, was one of the winners.

Small but with a great atmosphere in summer, due to its proximity to the marina, it has a large number of restaurants where you can taste different varieties of fried fish and Andalusian tapas. This privileged location also offers the visitor the possibility of walking to the town centre to have a coffee after a refreshing swim.

For all these reasons, El Faro is one of the main beaches in Marbella that you should not miss.

Punta de la Plata, Estepona

This beach is located east of the famous ┬źPlaya de la Rada┬╗, the best known beach in Estepona. Punta de la Plata is emblematic for its dark sand and for being the narrowest beach in Estepona, thanks to its 2.5 km long and 25 meters wide. This makes this beach perfect to avoid the bustle of people as it is usually only visited by the neighbors of the surrounding urbanizations, creating a sense of intimacy and to enjoy the gentle waves calmly.

Views of Punta de la Plata from our beachfront apartment ┬źLa Casita┬ź.

La Rada, Estepona

Further west, bordering on Cadiz, is the town of Estepona, whose popularity is booming to the point of overshadowing neighbouring Marbella. Of all its beaches, we are left with La Rada. Its fine grey sand makes this coastal spot an ideal place to lie down in the sun.

Along its three kilometres, the lively Paseo Mar├ştimo extends, where all kinds of activities take place during the summer months. One of its advantages is that it is just a stone’s throw from the main streets of the town, making it very convenient for those who wish to visit the centre after a day at the beach.

La Rada beach in Estepona
La Rada beach in Estepona

San Pedro de Alcántara Beach, Marbella

For underwater and diving lovers, the San Pedro de Alcantara beach in Marbella is one of the best options, since about 5 miles from the coast there is an underwater mountain known as ┬źEl Placer de las B├│vedas┬╗, which is between 17 and 40 meters deep, so it is only advisable for experienced divers.

Views of San Pedro de Alcantara beach from our apartment ┬źParque del Sol┬ź.

Puerto Banus beach, Marbella

At the back of the well-known Puerto Ban├║s there is a small beach with the same name facing the Monta├▒a de la Concha. The beach of Puerto Ban├║s is quite well known and of great tourist affluence thanks to its numerous charms since this port is known for being one of the most luxurious centers of the whole Europe, where you can find besides the shops of the most prestigious luxury brands, a great concentration of yachts, sports cars and restaurants only suitable for the pockets with higher purchasing power. Visiting its beach allows us to spend an evening surrounded by the luxury and glamour that is breathed in that area.

Puerto Ban├║s and Monta├▒a de la Concha
Puerto Ban├║s and Monta├▒a de la Concha

Saladillo Beach, Estepona

This is one of the largest beaches in the town, with 6 km of fine grey sand. From the Saladillo Beach it is worth mentioning that it is immersed among dunes and pine forests of high ecological value that contribute to the landscape and its crystalline waters of great beauty. In addition, the presence of this vegetation provides a pleasant shade in which to shelter from the heat during the summer, especially to be grateful during a long day at the beach. Without a doubt, one of the best beaches to take a walk along its shore.

Where to stay in Costa del Sol

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