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April Fair of Seville 2020

5 febrero, 2020


One of the main tourist attractions of the Andalusian capital is the famous «Feria de Abril» or «Feria de Sevilla» which is celebrated in the city every spring and attracts thousands of tourists from all parts of the world. The April Fair is a perfect way to enjoy the joy of the Andalusian people, enjoy its cuisine, music and dances in a colorful environment that leaves no one indifferent. It is certainly one of the best times to visit Sevilla if you are planning to make a trip to the Andalusian capital.

What is the Origin of the April Fair?

The origin of this holiday dates back to 1254, when livestock and agricultural products fairs were held throughout Europe for sale, but it would not be until 1846 when the Sevilla Fair began to resemble what we know today and which was celebrated in a different location than the current one, taking place in the «Prado de San Sebastián» and gathering 25,000 visitors.

Thanks to its success, the Fair continued to be held year after year, and each time the commercial aspect began to lose importance and the festive and leisure air became more relevant, being in 1850 the first time that allowed to open the characteristics «Casetas«, stands that offered drinks and food for visitors as a tavern.

In 1896 the Cover was placed for the first time, to which electric lighting would be added in 1906 and characterized by being the entrance to the enclosure and its decoration, which changes every year varying in theme by its commemorative character.

When is the Sevilla fair 2020?

The April Fair 2020 will be held from Sunday April 26 (Alumbrao night also called Pescadito Night) until Saturday May 2, with the closing of the fireworks.

The date of the April Fair changes every year (even being celebrated ironically in the month of May), this is because according to tradition the Fair must begin coinciding with the second Sunday after Holy Week, which at its Once begins with the first full moon of spring. So both Andalusian festivities are not governed by a calendar to use, but by an astrological calendar.

Flamencas women
Sandra Vallaure’s Photography «Seville Feria de Abril»

Where is it celebrated?

Since 1973, the Sevilla Fair has been held in the Remedios district, in the area known as the «Real de la Feria», an esplanade reserved for this activity and that remains unoccupied for the rest of the year, which is extended to the neighborhood of Tablada. The Remedios district is located on the opposite bank of the Guadalquivir river in which the center of Sevilla is located. That is, to go to the Fair you have to cross this river through one of its bridges, being the San Telmo Bridge and the Remedios Bridge the fastest routes.

How to get to the April Fair in Sevilla?

Although you can access without problems on foot by the routes indicated above, there is also the option of accessing by bus taking lines 5, 6, 41, C1 and C2, as well as the special shuttle that connects the «Prado de San Sebastián» and the enclosure fair. Other options such as going by Taxi or the picturesque Horse Car can also be considered. Less advisable is to try to access by car since due to the large influx of people many streets remain cut and finding parking becomes mission impossible at this time.

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What is Hell Street?

The Fair is divided into different streets, where the different Stands (Public and Private) are located, with the area farthest from the site being reserved for attractions. This area is what is known as “Calle Infierno” and is preferred by the youngest, since in it we find a huge variety of recreational attractions such as roller coasters of all kinds, bumper cars, ferris wheels, gambling stands and a great variety of elements for leisure and entertainment.

Both on the official website and in the information stands that are at the entrance of the enclosure you can obtain the Fair Map with the name of the streets and points of interest to better guide you.

Air view from Hell Street Fair of Seville
Air view from Hell Street, Fair of Seville realized for Jose Antonio Moreno Cabezudo

What are the free stands?

Most of the stands are private, whose members pay monthly payments throughout the year for access and enjoyment, and do not allow entry to the public except for the few invitations distributed to members for their friends and family. However, there are some stands called Public that allow free access to the public without paying admission, and which open from 12 in the morning until 3 in the morning.

Tourism stand

Created in 2017 by the City Council for visitors and tourists and in which we will find ATMs, assistance staff in various languages, musical performances and catering, and can even reserve a table to eat the other countries, which usually eat at hours earlier than usual in Spain.

(C / Pascual Márquez, 225)

La Marimorena, Solidarity and Vegan Stand

Another of the best options to access a free entrance stand is «La Marimorena», which is characterized by its inclusive and supportive spirit offering vegan menus, gluten-free and lactose-free food and even a letter with pictograms for autistic people, betting by the use of reusable and biodegradable cups. Without a doubt, the most innovative and responsible stand with the environment of the whole Fair.

(C / Manolo Vázquez, 31)

Other Free Access Stands

In addition to the ones highlighted above, we can also find other public stands such as those of the Districts, those of the different Political Parties, which are located between the Pascual Márquez and Costillares Streets, where the Public «Cambio de Tercio» stands are also located (C / Costillares, 82) and «La de To Er Mundo» (C / Costillares, 77).

How to dress at the April Fair 2020?

Many wonder what is the appropriate way to dress when visiting the April Fair in Sevilla. Although the most characteristic of the Fair are the Flamenca costumes, you can go dressed more informally or in a jacket suit in the case of men. However, due to the warm temperature that characterizes the Andalusian capital, especially during spring and summer, it is advisable to go with light clothes during the day and wear some warm clothes for the night, since after 9 they start to lower temperatures and if we remain until dawn it may cool a little. One of our best allies at the fair will be the characteristic fan (abanico), which will help us fight the heat. Another of the best options is to avoid going in the hottest hours (especially at noon or the first hours of the afternoon), as well as spend these hours inside a stand and enjoy the Rebujito, the most refreshing and characteristic drink of the Sevilla Fair and the one we recommend you to try.

Flamencas women with drink
Sandra Vallaure’s Photography «Seville Feria de Abril»

What are the best days to go to the Fair?

Without a doubt, the best days to go to the April Fair in Sevilla are Sunday 26 and Saturday 2, opening and closing days of the holiday respectively.

The opening day is also known as the Day of Lighting or «Alumbrao», since at 12 pm the Cover and Main entrance to the Fair is lit giving official start to the holiday. It is also called «lunes del Pescaito» (since until a couple of years ago the fair was held from Monday to Sunday, but it was decided by popular vote to anticipate the beginning of the party to Sunday). It is tradition to eat the characteristic Pescaito Frito of Sevilla at the opening of the Fair and accompany it with a “Jarra de Rebujito”.

It is also advisable to visit the Fair on the day of its closure, since there is a great fireworks show as a closing, which can be enjoyed inside the enclosure or from one of the access bridges to it, offering a beautiful view of the city from the river and the fires reflecting in it.

For those who want to avoid the busiest days, we recommend going on weekdays, since Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the ones with the greatest influx, being the days chosen to take the children. As a curiosity we will comment that since last year you can enjoy the “No noise day” on Hell´s Street or «Calle Infierno» which in principle took place only one day between 3 and 7 in the afternoon but now will be extended to the rest of the days in this time interval, an initiative promoted by the Asperger-TEA Association to raise awareness about autism and adapt the festival so that children suffering from this disease and extreme sensitivity to loud noises could also enjoy the Sevilla Festival. So do not think about it anymore and come to enjoy Sevilla fair to discover its good atmosphere and all its charms.

Air view of the April Fair of Seville's Fireworks
Air view of the April Fair of Seville’s Fireworks