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Apartments with terrace in Seville

30 julio, 2014

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Sevilla is a very special city, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ones in Europe and in the world. The traveler is always fascinated with all the historical and cultural heritage that this city has. In its streets, buildings and monuments there are features of many cultures and civilizations that during a time, more or less extensive, were settled down in these lands; Jews, Arabs, Romans, Christians, etc. A good example of that is the magnificent Cathedral of Seville, considered the world’s third largest, the Jewish Quarter, the Royal Alcázar ot the Archive de Indies, among many others.
But Sevilla, in addition to its extensive cultural heritage has another charasteristic that captivates visitors: the weather. Indeed, Sevilla has a wonderful weather during all year. Winters are soft and give away many days of sun, light and warm temperatures, for what terraces it’s possible to take advantage of terraces and boulevards. Spring and Autumn time are unique, with temperatures around 25 ºC, which invites you to be on the street all day, enjoying the lively and cheerful atmosphere that the city breathes in these seasons of year. Sevilla is still a lively city all year round, summer is perhaps the most difficult time of year, as the city can achieve even 40ºC. Although is true that enjoy a summer night in a Sevillian terrace is also a real delight.
Therefore, the holiday apartments with terrace in Seville are a true privilege as they allow visitors to enjoy an exceptional weather, long hours of sunshine and give you the chance to relax while reading a book, having a snack or organizing a dinner with friends.
In fact, apartments with private terrace in Seville are the most requested ones by travelers, no matter the time of year when they visit the city.
In Genteel Home we have a selection of holiday apartments and penthouses with private terrace in the centre of Seville, in the best locations, all near the Cathedral, the Giralda, the Archive de Indies, etc.
These are some of the best apartments with terrace in Seville. A real treat:
Right in front of the Cathedral and Archive of Indies.
Located in ’La Campana’ area, a really exclusive zone in the heart of the city.
Located on the same street Antonia Diaz, in the neighborhood of Arenal. The best of Seville.