Visit the National Park of Doñana from Sevilla

20 agosto, 2018

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Located on the right bank of the mouth of Guadalquivir River, the remarkable Doñana Natural Area is a mixture of ecosystems which is home to a unique biodiversity in Europe. This area is divided into Doñana National Park and Doñana Natural Park. Thanks to its superb geographical location, among several environments: Mediterranean and Atlantic, Eurasian and African, fluvial, land and marine; this place has a considerable ecological value, which is in turn its best defining feature.
This natural area is divided into three environmental complexes: marshlands, moving sand dunes and fixed sands or “cotos”. This diversity has led significant populations of birds and mammals to settle in this area, even the Iberian lynx, the most endangered feline on Earth as well as many other endangered species.
Furthermore, its more than 100,000 protected hectares are a key place for migratory flyways of birds between the continents of Africa and Europe. Consequently, more than 300 different bird species can be seen every year, since this is a crossing point, a breeding area and a wintering place for many of these birds.
The landscapes that define Doñana are the moving sand located between Matalascañas and the mouth of Guadalquivir: more than 25 kilometers of unspoiled beach and white sands; the fossil sand dune El Asperillo, being more than 30 meters high or El Asperillo cliff, which has been declared Natural Monument thanks to its singularity and beauty.
Another piece that characterizes this unequalled natural puzzle is the marshlands, where a number of birds are fed and bred. The visitors can take pleasure in contemplating the horizontal skyline that so defines this landscape, the birds that live there and the sensational flight of the flamingoes. During your visit, you can take a tour by bus, horse trails along the seashore… with an average of nearly 400,000 visits per year, there are plenty of good reasons to visit this protected natural area unique in Europe.
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