Visit Jerez from Seville

20 agosto, 2018

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Jerez is a city that has been heavily influenced by the different cultures that have settled down there throughout history. This has led to a wide range of unique architectural styles and buildings, which contribute to making the aspect of this city so special. While you are staying in one of our luxury apartments in Seville, you will be able to go on a short trip to this city that you will never forget.
Which was once the most thriving city in Andalusia, after the discovery of America and the conquest of Granada, has achieved that its name crosses frontiers and becomes widespread because it gave rise to one of the most well-known wines in Spain: Jerez or Sherry. Furthermore, it is the Spanish place par excellence where brandy is made. It has also gained international recognition because of being the cradle of the Andalusian horse (or Pure Spanish Horse), the Spanish fighting bull, flamenco, the motor city, thanks to the Circuito de Jerez (circuit of Jerez) and its monumental centre, considered to be of artistic and historic interest.
In this city both tradition and change coexist and its privileged location, between mountain ranges and sea. This allows the tourists to go on short trips and visit nearby places, as well as to go on a hike to routes like the Pueblos Blanco route, El Toro route,…
Furthermore, the geographical location of Jerez makes its cuisine to be very varied and rich, since in this city you will be able to enjoy the wide range of all kind of restaurants in addition to other bars where you will taste our well-known tapas with a glass of Jerez wine. Among the most characteristic dishes of this city you can find the collard greens, ajo caliente (bread crumbs, garlic, pepper, tomatoes,…), rabo de toro, partridges, riñones al Jerez (beef kidneys in Sherry), tocino de cielo (egg and syrup pudding), being the latter one of the most traditional desserts in Jerez…Besides, there is a wide variety of seafood from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, which is a seaside city. You can use Jerez vinegar as a dressing for most of the dishes, since its quality, aroma and savour are unbeatable. These are just one of the reasons why you should visit Jerez, there are many more though, so come to discover them yourself!
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