Visit Itálica from Seville

20 agosto, 2018

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Founded in 206 B.C. by the Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio after the end of the Second Punic War, the Roman city of Itálica is located in the municipality of Santiponce (Sevilla). What had originally been an encampment for war veterans, soon started to expand so rapidly that became as important as to constitute the first Roman settlement in the Iberian Peninsula.
Besides, it was the birthplace of the emperors Hadrian and Trajan as well as of many senators at that time. These two distinguished emperors were the ones who led this city to experience the period of the greatest splendour and development. Thus, this city played an important role in economic, political and military terms during the High Roman Empire.
The city is divided into two parts: the Vetus Urbs (old city) and the Nova Urbs (new city). The first, founded by the Roman general Scipio, lies under the city centre of Santiponce, whereas the latter, created by Hadrian as an extension of the already existing one, is part of the architectural complex that can be visited.
The architectural complex in Itálica gives the tourists the opportunity to get to know a great Roman amphitheatre, the defence walls, the theatre, the thermae (hot baths), the houses (La Exedra house, Las Hilas house, Neptuno house), which are luxury residential complexes covered with tiles, statues and marbles from Greece and Mauritania. Furthermore, this complex provides the tourist with an opportunity to get to know the craftsmanship at that time, to visit the public buildings as well as to go for a walk to what were once the streets of the city. There is also the possibility to visit this architectural complex at night. This programme is called the “Cotidiana Vitae” and it is carried out during the warmest months of the year.
Finally, you will be able to taste wines and dishes from the period when this city was inhabited. This is available at several places located in Santiponce. 
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