Eat in Seville

20 agosto, 2018

Over the years, enjoying a good meal in Seville has become an intense tribute to one of the most rooted customs of this city. Typical Andalusian cuisine includes a wide variety of dishes, all very linked to the Mediterranean Diet. The fruits from this region, all connected to the different cultures that have been in Seville, have led to a perfect combination that will make discover a new world to your palate and that attract people from all over the world to come to taste all the different nuances of its flavours.
As a result, cuisine and Seville become the perfect pair, thanks to the riches of the cooking resources from all the Andalusian provinces as well as to the variety of dishes and the different methods of preparation, already recorded in reports of anonymous travellers during the 17th and 18th centuries. Sevillian cuisine is influenced by the Andalusi culture, above all when it comes to seasoning or mixing the ingredients.  
Eating is perhaps the feature that best defines the nature of Andalusian people. Sitting at the table becomes an opportunity to talk and to enjoy. Therefore, eating with the family has become a feature of Spanish culture and helps reinforce personal relationships as well as to eat in a healthier way.
If there is a saying that best defines the cooking variety of Seville is the one that goes «Variety is the spice of life». There is just left to say: Enjoy your meal in Seville!