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Why should you visit Chueca?

The Chueca zone is one of the most famous and well known areas in Madrid, a gastronomic reference due to the numerous bars of "tapas" and "pintxos" as well as exquisite restaurants of diverse cuisine.

Chueca has changed in recent years to become a great area to live or stay a few days in the city. Apartments in Chueca have greatly increased their value over the years. Increasing those who choose to reside or stay Chueca, because their streets are lively, full of life and activity at any time of day, yet safe and clean. The famous ’Mercado de San Anton’ is proof of that, every weekend is complete. Chueca is fashionable and it shows it.

Of course, the location in Madrid is very good, in the heart of the city and with the posibility to go walking to the main museums in a few minutes, the Puerta del Sol, Palacio area, etc. Staying in an apartment in Chueca in Madrid is an extraordinary option if you want a unique experience in the city.
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