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Why should you visit Cuzco?

Cuzco is a neighborhood of Chamartin district, it is the commercial and financial area of ​​Madrid and has many buildings and skyscrapers where are located offices and houses. It is a neighborhood with much working and commercial activity. That’s why it’s normal to settle inluxury apartments Quarter of Cuzco for business.
In addition, this neighborhood has very good sports areas for those sports enthusiasts who do not want to lose the shape while on holiday. We can resume this area as a working, athlete and very active area.

Places to visit in Cuzco

The most interesting buildings and places for visiting in this district are the Canal Isabel II, the San Fernando Gardens, the Olivar of Chamartin Park, which is categorised as historical park and garden in the city. This district has a great location regarding the connection with other areas both by walking and by public transport, as it is fairly quick to get to the downtown and it is also near from the main touristic places in the city.

Eating away in Cuzco

As well as in most of the areas in this city, Spanish gastronomy is present in most of the restaurants. There are also many popular restaurants for ‘tapas’ at Cuzco, so this is another reason for staying in Madrid in this district.

Luxury apartments in Cuzco

Despite the fact that the luxury apartments at Cuzco neighborhood are not at the very centre of the city they also have some advantages, as it is a business and formal area where you can see the real atmosphere of the city where many tourist feel comfortable. Besides that, it is also a very secured place.
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