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Why should you visit Chamartín?

The Chamartín neighborhood is one of the most exclusive areas in Madrid. It is located in the North of the city and it is the financial area par excellence, the seat of the main and biggest companies in Spain.

The neighborhood has an excellent connection with all the other areas in Madrid City. The avenue called Paseo de la Castellana, which is one of the main arteries in the city, goes across this entire area. There is also a train station, Madrid-Castellana, which is one of the best known icons for the citizens.

In the surrounding area of this neighborhood we could find many shops, coffees and restaurants, as well as high quality properties and luxury apartments. This area has been perfectly accommodated to the necessities for the day-to-day of business people.

The business neighborhood in Madrid

The architectural style of the buildings goes well with the business character of this neighborhood. In Chamartín we can see the most modern, representative and highest scar scrapers and towers in Madrid. The financial area known as M-30 is the heart of the district. We can see there some unmistakable buildings like Torres Kio, also called ‘Puerta de Europa’, the AZCA or the CTBA, for example.

A cultural walk on Chamartín

Not only we can breathe this business atmosphere on the air in Chamartín but we can also enjoy the view from some of the most interesting cultural monuments in the city. One of those monuments is the National Natural Science Museum of Madrid, with its magnificent architecture.
The National Music Auditorium is the base of an important activity related to the music world. It has two concert halls, the Symphonic Hall and the Chamber Hall, which are the seats of the National Orchestra and the National Choir in Spain.

A walk by the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid

In the Chamartín Neighborhood we will find the Santiago Bernabéu Football Stadium, the home for Real Madrid Football Club. Nowadays we can visit it by assisting to a sports event or by doing the Bernabéu Tour.

Plan your business or leisure trip in one of our luxury apartments

All of our luxury apartments in Chamartín neighborhood are perfectly well connected with the rest of the city and near from all the services that you may nead for making your stay as great as you dreamt it about.

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