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Conditions of use of GenteelHome  

Internal functioning

This document describes the relation between Genteel Home and the ownership of the property on which reservations are managed.

- Genteel-Home has a booking management contract with the ownership of a property that is the subject of seasonal rental.

- When a particular property is reserved by a customer through Genteel-Home, they receive a booking confirmation email. This is a contractual document that validates the stay of the tenants in the building by the time predetermined on the reservation, provided that they comply strictly with the terms and conditions of hiring expressly accepted before making the reservation.

- Genteel-Home perceives as honorary for the management of reserves the 30% of the total stay, which usually coincides with the amount of the booking, which is paid by the tenant in advance at the time of reserving on the website.

- In case of cancellation of a reservation the 30% paid by the client is always not refundable because this deposit belongs to the owner of the apartment, not to Genteel-Home, as long as it is a cancellation.

- The remaining 70% is entirely for the ownership and the tenant will pay this amount at the time of arrival to the property leased, either by cash, by bank transfer or by credit card (provided the owner of the property in question allows it) to the owner her/himself itself, if she/he is who welcomes guests to the property upon arrival; or to any employee of Genteel-Home, if he/she is he who receives them on arrival, and that serves as a "collector" of the amount to deliver it later to the propietary.

- If is someone from the Genteel-Home staff who received the tenants, he/she will have to give them a " formalized receipt " in the act as justification for having received the payment and as a guarantee that the entire stay is already paid at that time.

- If the tenant pays on arrival to an employee of Genteel-Home, nor the owner neither anyone connected with it, has the right to reclaim the customer any no amount, this is guaranteed by Genteel-Home to the lessee through the "formalized receipt "after receiving the payment. Therefore, Genteel-Home is responsible for the payment to the property ownership in these cases, without possibility of claiming whatsoever to the lessee, which will enjoy her/his stay as normal.

- During the stay of the tenants in the property, Genteel Home will be in charge of solving any doubt, incident, breakdowns, etc. that might take place regardless of the responsibilities arising subsequently between Genteel Home and the propietary. However, the homeowner may also participate in the resolution of any incidents, always coordinated with Genteel Home.
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