Flamenco in Madrid

20 agosto, 2018

Madrid can be considered one of the cradles of flamenco as this is where this art expression truly disclosed at national and international level. In the capital there are the true origins of the artists who are now touring the world, thrilling and conveying the strength and passion of flamenco to the public. Therefore, important personalities from around the world come to enjoy these shows in the numerous flamenco ‘tablaos’, where you can also enjoy an exquisite meal.
‘Quejíos’, ‘cante jondo’, ‘sevillanas’, ‘rumbas’, ‘stomping’, ‘clapping’… but always with strength and intensity, a combination that always manage to achieve the same goal: to excite its audience and cause endless of feelings and emotions.
Flamenco ‘tablaos’
In order to boost the development and promotion of flamenco, it’s been constituted the ‘Madrid flamenco tablaos association’, whose promoters are the five of the most important and characteristic flamenco ‘tablaos’ in Madrid: Corral de La Morería, Torres Bermejas, Café Chinitas, Las Carboneras and Las Tablas. They want, in this way, the flamenco to gain the true importance it deserves, not only in the Spanish capital but in the rest of Spain.
a. Corral de La Morería
b. Torres Bermejas
c. Café Chinitas
d. Las Carboneras
e. Las Tablas