Flamenco in Seville center

20 agosto, 2018

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Among all the attractions which you can find in Seville, Flamenco is clearly the focus that creates more motivation and interest in people.

Seville offers many possibilities to the flamenco lovers. There are “tablaos” with a great reputation thanks to many years of tradition, where dancing figures as Lola Flores or Manuela Vargal have been forged. Also there are “tablaos” that have been founded by famous dancers like Curro Velez (with his Tablao Arenal”).

Moreover, in Seville gather anonymous artists who meet in pubs and clubs to practice singing, dance and guitar each night. To this places, come many young flamenco figures to measure their strength, learn and improve their skills. In these associations they find the opportunity to make the leap to fame too.

One of the most important year event in Seville (on this art), is the performance of the Seville Biennial. All flamenco lovers flock to this annual event where more than 70 artists are exhibited in about 20 performances. Dancers, guitarists, singers and clappers arriving from all corners of the world to demonstrate their skills.

During the Feria de Abril, Seville wears ruffled skirts, lanterns and “albero” for welcome visitors singing and dancing “sevillanas”. The most important week of the year usually takes place in April, and you can enjoy the cuisine, horseback riding on the “Real” and magical lighting overnight.

Finally but not least, for those wanting to experience the passion of flamenco from another point of view, you also have the opportunity to attend training centers where you can learn the secrets hidden within flamenco. From the associations to private schools, you will be able to learn all “palos” of this art: “cante jondo”, guitar and dance.