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Where to stay in Granada?

27 febrero, 2020


Located in the South of Spain in the province of Andalusia, the beautiful town of Granada spreads across many beautiful quarters, each of which has its own charm and personality. If you want to pay a visit to this lovely city soon, hosted in a luxury apartment, don’t miss our guide on where to stay in Granada:

The best neighbourhoods to stay in Granada


The Albaicín, the oldest neighborhood in Granada, is located at the foot of the Alhambra. It was built by the Arabs before its expulsion, and there are many Renaissance and Nazarist monuments such as the Muralla Ziri, the Arco de las Pesas, the Torres de la Alhacaba, the Iglesia de El Salvador (formerly known as the main mosque), the old mosques of San Cristóbal, San Miguel Bajo, San José, San Gregorio, San Ildefonso and San Juan de los Reyes, the Dar-Alhorra Palace, the Mascarones house, the Yanguas House, among others.

If visiting the Alhambra is the highlight of your trip, then there is no better option than this neigbourhood. It is full of narrow, car-free alleyways winding their way up a steep slope to the famous palace complex. This is also a beautiful, romantic and cozy area to stay with a strong Moorish influence. Oh, and don’t forget to get up to the Mirador de San Nicolas in the heart of the Albaicin for the best view.

In addition, in the Albaic√≠n we find the Hamman ¬ęEl Ba√Īuelo¬Ľ, declared a cultural asset, the luminous and intimate squares, such as those of Porras, Plaza del Cristo de las Azucenas and Plaza de San Miguel Bajo, or some of the best flamenco tablaos to enjoy the purest characteristic art in the birthplace of flamenco.

Terrace of one of our house in Granada with views of the albaicin ¬ęCarmen del Cipr√©s¬Ľ


This picturesque neighborhood, known as the ‘gypsy neighborhood’, is located east of Granada, in the Valparaiso Valley. Both are situated on each of the banks of the river Darro, where there is a beautiful landscape formed by a Mediterranean and riverine forest.

The premises located along the Sacromonte road, on the hillside, offer the most beautiful flamenco shows. The Museum of the Caves of Sacromonte preserves houses carved in the rock, and in the Abbey of Sacromonte there are relics such as the famous Books of Plumbeous, returned by the Vatican, and panoramic views of the city.

A place, that if you visit Granada you should not miss.

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City center – ‘El centro’

If the goal of your trip is doing sight-seeing, shopping and tapas tasting all together, then the city center ‚Äėel centro‚Äô is the option for you. This is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Granada if you want to be in the middle of the action.

In the ‚Äėcentro‚Äô you will find some of the most characteristic places of the city, such as the Alhambra in Granada, the Royal Chapel, the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Plaza de las Pasiegas, or the Plaza Bib-Rambla, among others. You will also find all kinds of shops and stores, scattered around the streets Recogida (main commercial artery of the city), Puentezuelas, Mesones, Gran V√≠a de Col√≥n, Acera del Darro and Reyes Cat√≥licos. And the best thing, you will be able to walk absolutely everywhere.

Also, the centre has an important gastronomic offer as it has a large number of restaurants and tapas bars where you can taste Granada’s gastronomy characterized by its great variety of products. Thus, the visitor can feel like a real citizen of Granada enjoying the essence and the welcoming atmosphere that this wonderful area of Granada offers.

Views from one of our apartments to the Plaza de Bib Rambla ¬ęBib Rambla Apartment¬Ľ

El Realejo

This former Jewish quarter is now filled with cool bars and tapas spots, mostly centered around Campo Pr√≠ncipe. If you want a taste of what local life is really like in Granada, while still being very close to everything you’d want to see and do as a tourist, El Realejo is one of the best places to stay in Granada. 

For an unbeatable combination of urban culture, history and top quality restaurants, look no further than El Realejo. By day, you can explore this street art adorned neighbourhood (graffiti artist El Ni√Īo de las Pinturas is El Realejo‚Äôs famous resident), discover the old Jewish district or kick back in the buzzing Campo Principe with a round or 3 of tubos y tapas (beers and pub grub).

There are small art galleries, quirky shops and museums hidden away in the side streets of El Realejo. You can easily lose an afternoon exploring here. It is also a great place for your party nights.

Carretera de la Sierra

This neighbourhood, which is located on the banks of the River Genil, is a wooded area that covers the whole area around the Generalife and Carmen de Quinta Alegre pasturelands. It also has a stately palace with gardens. In this neighbourhood you can easily access the Alhambra and the centre.

Nearby steep paths offer the visitor spectacular views of Granada. This is a spectacular neighbourhood with viewpoints and routes to enjoy this great city.

Accommodation in Granada

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