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Visit the Roofs of the Cathedral of Seville

15 febrero, 2018


The Cathedral of Seville, deserved pride of the city, is one of the must-see for all tourists. Its dimensions, as well as the wealth of the works that we will find in its interior, impress and leave a mark on its visitors.
However, there is an even more overwhelming and privileged experience that this temple offers us, visiting its roofs. It is a journey that takes us back in time to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, making us feel part of the development of its construction.
Taking a walk through its roofs offers us a panoramic view of the city and of the Cathedral itself that makes us feel really privileged. To make it even more complete, a technician in the interpretation of heritage will guide you throughout the tour of the roofs, allowing you to know in detail the monument.
In addition, the entrance includes the visit of the Cathedral and the Giralda.
A new perspective to never again see the Cathedral of Seville under the same eyes.
Useful information for the visit to the Roofs of the Cathedral of Seville
Price. € 15
Address. Av. De la Constitution s/n.
Phone. +34 954 149 971. Email.
It is recommended to book in advance.