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The Palace of Lebrija in Seville

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Visiting a typical Sevillian house, with its bright central courtyard, its spacious rooms and its significant decorative style, is already a recommendable experience for any visitor to the city; but the Casa Palacio de Lebrija also offers the opportunity to contemplate a collection of perfectly preserved Roman mosaics that turn it into a palace house unique in its style.

The construction of the building dates from the S XVI, but it was not until 1901, date in which the Countess of Lebrija acquires it, when the Palace House begins to come to life and to be completed with pieces of relevant archaeological value, such as the aforementioned Roman mosaics, the tiles of Sevillian style or the pieces of Greek art. It also contains some works by artists such as Van Dyck and Sorolla.

The upper floor shows us through its beautiful rooms an overview of the family’s life, until the last Count of Lebrija died in 1999.

The tour is an open window to the typical Sevillian culture and the lifestyle of the great families, who are well worth a visit.

Useful information to visit the Palace of Lebrija

Address: Calle Cuna, 8

Phone: +34 954 227 802



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