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Apartment for Several months in Seville

13 mayo, 2020

: Coronavius | COVID-19 | rentals months | several months

The COVID-19 crisis will lead to a special demand and offer for rentals for some time, focused on rentals for several months or seasonal stays.
The increase of demand for these stays is produced by projects of companies in Seville, the so-called corporate housing usually with duration from 2 to 6 months. This type of guest now chooses to stay in an apartment instead of a hotel room.

The privacy, security, hygiene and control that a private apartment provides is considered as a very important additional advantage when comparing with hotel rooms.
People comming to Seville, both for business and individual travels are choosing to rent an apartment instead of staying in a room.

At Genteel Home we have been working  for years with different companies to provide apartments for executives and employees looking for a stay for several months in Seville. Due to the current circumstances in Genteel Home we have adapted our management and services to this type of clients, in the apartments offering many of the services that you would find in a hotel.

Our team is following an exhaustive and detailed cleaning and disinfection protocol, with indications and products backed by the Ministry of Health. Genteel Home has prepared a special COVID-19 protocol, available on the following link:

On the other hand, the type of apartment and furniture provided by Genteel Home is designed especially for those who are looking for high-end accommodation in Seville. The offer of the type of product that we offer at Genteel Home is reduced, due to plenty of offers of mid-range apartments or accommodation online, and therefore our product is more suitable for those who are looking for a stay in high-end accommodation in the city center.

Our apartments are perfectly equipped and prepared for stays for several months in Seville. We provide special services for medium and long stays such as catering, daily cleaning and disinfection, storage facilities etc.

Check our offer of apartments in the center of Seville on the following link: