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9 places to visit in Malaga

22 enero, 2020

: Gibralfaro Castle on Malaga

If your thinking of visiting Malaga and you don’t know what to do, don’t miss out this list of the 9 must-see places.

First of all we’re giving you some interesting information about the capital of Costa del Sol and one of the most important provinces of Andalucia.

  1. Malaga is the fith city with more habitants of Spain, with 568.000 residents.
  2. The weather in Malaga it’s warm, with 300 sunny days at year. Its average temperature is between 13ºC-23ºC (55ºF-73ºF).
  3. Malaga has an amount of really good cultural activities.
  4. The city has an extensive transport network, with bus, subway, electric vehicles, bikes and plenty more options, though the best way to know Malaga is taking a walk by its streets.

Well, let’s get to the point and talk about the top places on Malaga.

Larios Street

The official name is «Calle del Marqués Larios» (Lario’s Marquis Street), and it’s the main comercial boulevard of the city. It’s the equivalent to «Paseo de la Gracia» in Barcelona or «Gran Via» in Madrid.

Solemn and elegant, dates from the 19th century, 350 meters long (about 1148 ft) and it’s become the fifth most expensive of Spain and one of the 50 of Europe. A perfect place to go for shopping, take a walk or just sit in one of its outside restaurant’s terrace

Larios Street Malaga
Larios Street, Malaga

Encarnacion’s Cathedral of Malaga

Commonly known as «La Manquita» (an affectionate way to say «One-armed»), because of it’s unfinished tower, though its official name is «Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación». Located in Molina Lario street, it’s the most important architectonical element of the city, and one of the most representatives.

The Cathedral was built upon of the main mosque of the city, consagrated by the Catholical Monarchs right after the christian reconquest. The construction of the Cathedral started in 1528, with the most importants reforms; but due to the magnitude of this proyect and the lack of financiation, the works were paralysed over a century until they were restarted on the 18th century, but remaining the south tower to being built. It’s, without any doubt, one of the best places to see in Malaga.

The tickets for Cathedral cost 6€ until 10 am, which also include the visit to the Cathedral’s roofs. You can buy the tickets on this website.

Aerial views of the Encarnacion's Cathedral
Aerial views of the Encarnacion’s Cathedral

The Alcazaba

This Palace and Fortress is located on the hillside of the Gibralfaro mountain. It was built on the 11th century by the muslims governors of the city. It had 110 towers, incluiding the «Homage Tower» which main characteristic were the three concentrical walls around it, giving it the highest militar security protection.

You can visit the interior of the Alcazaba and discover its beautifull gardens by paying 3,5€ on the box office. Also, you can get if you want in the same place the tickets to visit the Gibralfaro Castle and the Alcazaba, both for 5,5 €. To get more information, you can visit the official website.

Views of the Alcaza from the port

Gibralfaro Castle

This castle takes its name of the lighthouse that used to be on the top of the mountain. Even though it was used by romans and phoenicians, it was the king Yusuf I in 1340 who transformed the place the fortress. In 1847, it was besieged and finally token by the Catholics Monarchs.

Nowadays you can visit the castle and enjoy the amazing views of Malaga. On sunny days, you can even see some of the mountains of the Rif, in Africa and the strait of Gibraltar.

You can go to the top of the castle walking by the path which connects it to the Alcazaba, by car (which you can leave in the parking) or taking the bus line 35  from Cervantes Avenue.

The Gibralfaro Castle is without any doubt the best place to see tho most amazing panoramics views of Malaga.

vista panorámica de Malaga de noche desde el castillo de Gibralfaro
Panoramic views of Malaga’s sunset from Gibralfaro Castle

Soho’s District

The Soho’s district is located in the center of Malaga and it’s the emblem of the urban art and underground culture of the city. You can find the Soho’s district buildings decorated with large graffities, and there is also the Center for Contemporary Art in Malaga.

Walking by its streets you can visit the most emblematic bars of the zone. We would especially recommend a wine cellar (vinacoteca in spanish) with Malaga’s wines called La Barra del Soho where you can have some tapas and enjoy the gastronomy of Malaga.

Roman Theatre of Malaga

Another must-see in Malaga is the Roman Theatre located at the foot of the Alcazaba, on Alcazabilla Street. It was discovered on 1951 and it was half-hidden along several years by the Culture’s House, built between 1940-1942 and restaured on the 60’s; during these construction works they found out the first evidences of the Roman Theatre, and in 1992 the Culture’s House was finally demolished to excavate the romans ruins and give the theatre the historicall value it deserved.

The Roman Theatre has free entrace.

Ruins of the Roman Theatre of Malaga

The Port of Malaga

With more than three thousand years since it was build, the port of Malaga is one of the oldest of the world. On the left of the port’s entry we have the bay called «Muelle Dos», higly recomendated to take a walk by the «Palmeral de las Sorpresas», to the «Muelle Uno», which was inaugurated at the end of 2011. There is a comercial mall and full of outside leisure activities. Also there you will find the Pompidou Center of Malaga, other of the places you should visit if you’re going to this city.

Lighthouse and Port of Malaga from our Muelle Heredia Apartment

Picasso Museum

Talking about museums, this is the king in Malaga and one of the most visited places on the city. Dedicated to the Malaga’s most international artist, Pablo Ruíz Picasso, on 2018 had 674.512 visits, which means an increase of the 6% respect the last year, consolidating as the museum most visited on Andalucia.

The 74% of the visitors were foreign turists, excpecially from United Kingdom, Germany and France, while the 26% were from Andalucia, Madrid and Catalunya.

Forecourt of Pablo Picasso Museum

Malagueta Beach

Being Malaga a coaster city as it is, we can’t forget to talk about its beach. La Malagueta is one of the urban beaches more famous of Malaga. It’s located right in the city, only ten minutes walk away from downtown, accesible from every place of the city. It has 1.2000 meters of dark sand and clear, calm waters. Its promenade is always full of chiringuitos where you can enjoy the espeto (a way to cook the sardines caracteristical of Malaga). You can’t go to Malaga without visiting the Malagueta Beach.

Espeto on Malagueta beach

Where to stay in Malaga

Now that you know our top places to visit in Malaga, if you want to walk by its emblematic streets and live the night or enjoy the cultural activities of the city, you can stay in one of our Genteel Home luxury apartements to enjoy the whole Malaga’s experience.